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RoyalGurL - February 17



rosanna - February 17

hey, i'm somewhat in the same boat, we've been trying to concieve, and i took a home pregnancy test and it came out positve, and my period was delayed, i got it late it late a very light, and i went to tke a blood test and it came out negative.


RoyalGurL - February 22

I hate to be in this position....Till' this day I havent had my period and its driving me nuttz...I have a doctors appointment with me ObGyn Doctor on March 9, 2005...I'm kind of scared in away cuz I feel that I can be pregnant or just wondering what can be the cause of me not having my period...its freaking me out...someone please help me out...


rosanna - February 22

i have my drs. appt, march 7th and they said that it's pretty normal for some people to get their period during the first couple of months of your pregnancy, baby dust to you, and hope everything comes out the way you want it, and for me too... good luck


Alex - February 22

My last period was on Jan 11 and I just got the results back for my blood test - negative. I am somewhat relieved that it was negative because I have read of all the problems you can have with low hcg levels. I had a D&C at the end of Nov 2004 and my Jan 11 period was the first one since the D&C. At this point, I just want to have a couple of regular periods (before this I have had very regular cycles) so that I don't have to worry my whole 1st trimester that there is something wrong. With my first son, I got a positive HPT two days after my missed period so I didn't have my hopes up too high. I just don't know how long I have to wait before I get my period back. The doctor told my they would run some more tests if I did not have a period for another two months -- that's a long, long time as far as I am concerned!!


..... - February 24



Kim - March 10

Every month after my period, I get sick as if I was pregnant. Nausea, morning sickness, and tiredness. What is this?


shelley - March 10

i am in a situation where i havent had my perod since dec 20th 2004, i have sickness and slight weight gain, frequent headaches, swollen b___sts tender to touch. I am somewhat appauled at the health service for instead of trying to find out another way to test me, they have told me i may have polycystic ovarian cysts, i was told the last time i had a scan there were no cysts on my ovaries i also fit into NONE of the catagories for pcos, i have 4 neg urine tests and although i can say i *feel* pregnant, it still could be me hoping to be. i dont know what to do, it seems no-one wants to help me and I feel lost, i have had 4 miscarriages and i am very troubled by the waiting and wondering.


Sam - March 10

Hi I just had the same thing. Last period was Dec19th.Ive had 6 negative urine tests and 1 negative blood test this morning. GP told me its PCOS and took more blood tests. I feel so pregnant and my mum who has 5 kids and obviously knows a bit about these things is convinced I am. I just dont know what to believe or what to do. The doc gave me Clomid to take when my period starts...I think its a matter of IF it starts. My best friend was the same and ended up going for a scan at 14 weeks and there he was.. a gorgeous little baby boy. Hope that happens to me as well and all of u too. Baby dust to all!


Ana - March 10

When did you have a scan? If you are pregnant they would see it on the scan. Im not sure how many weeks you need to be pregnat to show up on the scan, but I think they can notice pretty small things. How old are you?


kate - March 13

hi i have the same problem. i havent had my period since nov 11th and and am huge. my boyfriend says i am and have all the signs of pregnancy. i have had 4 negative tests.


Sam - March 14

Hi Kate. Arent u feeling any movement or fluttering? Why dont u ask for a scan? Hope u go and then find out theres a little baby there. My friend was the same. Baby dust to all! x


Maria - April 7

I am a month late. I have taken several hpt and all were negative..until yesterday. I took a Clear Blue Easy digital test and it came back saying "Pregnant" on the screen. I call the doctor and they said that most likely I am pregnant, but to come in for a test anyways. I got a blood test and then they called me this morning to say it was negative. I am SO FRUSTRATED!!! My last period was on 2/11. I have always been regular and should have gotten it on 3/11, but I am now a month late. Help!


Denisa - April 13

I am going through same thing. Negative HPT, negative blood test at docs office....Still feeling very pregnant with many symptoms. LMP was Feb 21, think I concieved on or about March 7 or 8. Doc thinks I'm nits because I am 1) 40 years old and 2) had tubal ligation 15 years ago. Seeing my old GYN (she re-located and chose not to return to her due to locale) on Monday. She knows me, won't b__w me off like first doc. First doc wants me to take a pill to make me have a cycle..he treated me like I was nuts. Both B/F and I are convinced I'm pg. Tubes *can* and sometime do regrow back together after many years..or perhaps its ectopic..but there is a baby...I know it.


Amanda - April 18

Hey I in a situation! My last "normal" period was Feb. 16. I am always on time NEVER late! I was supposed to start on March 15 but I was 4 days late and it only lasted for a day and a half. I took a test in March and it came out negative. This month I was supposed to start on the 14th and I didn't and I have had no signs of starting. I took 2 tests ( Clear Blue Easy) on the 15th and they both came out positive. I went to the dr that afternoon and their test came out negative. The next morning the 16th I took another test (EPT) and it too came out positve. I also took one on the 17th and again this morning 18th and both were positive. That is FIVE positive tests. I feel that I am pregnant but the test at the doctor came out negative? Anyone have any answers??


Babe - April 22



Babe - April 22

We have been ttc for more than 2 years. Last cycle I was taking clomid and we saw a mature follicle and took a hcg shot on day 13. I have been experiencing brown spotting with mild cramps from cycle day 28. This is so unusual for me. So I took a hpt on day 31 and it was negative. I am wondering whether I am having low hcg level and it may turn out to be ectopic. And I don't have shoulder or neck pain. My appeit_te is high and my nipples are sore. Other than that I dont have any other symptoms. someone please help me.



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