I Was Pregnant Amp Had Negative Test Results

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LC - May 3

For the ladies looking for someone ... Last November I knew I was pregnant. I had all the same signs of pregnancy like when I was pregnant in 2000. I took 2 HPTs & both came back negative. I was getting ready to take the 3rd test (11/30/04) ... but was bleeding (like a regular period) when I went to the bathroom. On 12/19/04 I had a miscarriage ... I had been pregnant (8 weeks along) even though the tests came back negative. I was around 5 weeks along when both HPTs came back negative. I didn't even think I was pregnant until my br___ts became sore (like my first pregnancy) ... they are never sore because of my monthly cycle. Anyway, I am in the same boat right now. When I was suppose to start my period, I only spotted (very light, faint pink discharge … like right before you start). Last week, when I was only 3 days late, I become very sick … nauseous, vomiting, light headed. I took a HPT & it was negative, so I thought I was just coming down with the flu. This past Saturday, now 7 days late, my br___ts became very sore (& still are). I took another HPT yesterday (9 days) & it was negative. I was so worried the same thing would happen as last time, so I called the doctor to have a blood test done. I went yesterday. The doctor's office called this morning with the results ... negative, -2 HCG level. I am more inclined to believe the blood test result ... but it does not explain the signs & I still haven’t started. I will keep you posted.


Monique - May 4

To LC.....I am now 27 DAYS LATE...still no show...Did a couple of HPT again this week (so far, took a total of 8 HPT, 1 dr's urine...all were neg..except 3 clearblue were very faintly positive.)...Went to the E.R. on Friday, had blood test again (total of 2 blood tests-quant_tive, all negative)....At least this doctor was friendly and helpfull....I am having an ULTRASOUND done this week (hopefully I'll get an answer this week)..not sure of the day yet, but hopefully they'll call me anytime now....the suspense is killing me, but I changed my way of thinking in order to keep my thoughts busy...if i'm pgnt, it'll eventually show.....Still having more symptoms (nauseous, ALOT of tingling & burning feelings in my lower abdominal area, sore nipples, extrememly fatigued, headaches-which i never use to have, white creamy discharge....etc) So, I really don't know what's going on....Hopefully I'll get all of my answers this week!!! Keep me posted on what's going on with you......bye for now :)


Becky - May 9

Monique - did you get an u/s done? What ere the results?



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