I Would Be 8 Weeks But Still No Period

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Amanda_ - February 13

I have taken 5 pregnancy tests now, and I am still coming up negative, and this Sunday will be my second missed period. I have been having some symptoms. Last night I experienced some nausea and vomiting that eased fairly quickly. I have had tender nipples, and frequent urination. I just am not sure what to do. I cannot get into a doctors office and it's driving me mad.


asiya - February 13

u should go to the doctor first, u have to do a blood test , if its negative then go for a scan .


clare2009 - February 19

im in the same situation as you.. exacly the same. now missed my second period...nearly 5 weeks late. my last period was 23rd december!! had symtoms aswell and 4 neg tests. waiting to hear from doctors ! :S could we still be preg?


asiya - February 19

oh clare same like u , actually my last period was on 29 dec and im still waiting for periods i dont know whts wrong with me , could u all keep posting and tell us wht happened with u r u pragnant or not ?


Amanda_ - February 19

I was supposed to go to the doctor today, but my appointment got cancelled. As of now, I would be 9 weeks pregnant. I haven't had a period since December 15th.


clare2009 - February 20

hey again girleys... well the doctors rung back and they said the test they did for me was negative too?!! She said i shoud wait another week and then if nothing i should ring back. i had a tiny bit of blood on the 4th Feb which is persume could be spotting? implantation? i duno!! im so confused! amander, how you doing?


asiya - February 20

im going to see a doctor today just want to ask abt a scan , i dont know whts wrong my friend told me that may be u have a cist thtas why u dont feel any thing just going to discuss at that with the doctor , u ladies do tell us abt ur situation any positive sign?


clare2009 - February 23

am 5 weeks late now .. will wait a little longer and if still nothing then we go back to doctors. anyone think there is still a chance of a positive result?


HELPME11 - February 28

i havent had my period since jan 6 and i am usally very normal 16 days after my missed period i brown discharge just a tiny bit when went to the bath room that same day i was having pain but it hasnt happened again i have taking 4prego test they came back negitve i have had symtoms but they come and go what could be wrong with me??


starlight4405 - March 1

Amanda-I'm in the EXACT same boat as you are and am glad that I found your posting! I've taken 3 HPTs(all negative),1 blood-qual.(negative), and have now missed my second period. My last was 12/31 and I've NEVER missed! The new Dr I just saw says he doesn't think I'm prego, but didn't order any other tests(which I don't agree with since the last one before that appt was 2 1/2 weeks. It's possible and I guess only time will tell-hopefully we'll all know soon! Keep us posted! :)


eytsirhc - April 29

It's been 12-weeks, since my last period. I've taken HPTs and a Beta and they're negative. I don't feel pregnant, but why else am I so late?



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