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Angelina - January 21

Alright, well i have been writting on the teens forum hoping to hear some of their stories but i guess that is not what i am getting. Instead of usefull advice going on, their is bickering arguments. Well any way, i was suppose to start my period.( since the 19th) and i have not. I do not feel gooooood at all. I am having cramping, but the crampings do not feel at all like PMS. They almost feel like something is inside and just ripping out your insdies. Which when they come, it lasts for about a minn or so. I do not feel good, food and smells irratate me and its getting worse today. I do not know what to do if i find out im pregnant. Yea, this baby was not planned, but my god i would love this child with everything i had, but the fact is, me and the babys father are not on good terms right now. We live far away from each other right now and all that goes about is just fighting and arguing. I would hope that if i am pregnant, that would hopefully strengthen our relatinship but i do not know the chanches of that happening. I just have many things to worry about. How would i be able to tell my pregnant mother that her daughter is going to be pregnant with her? I know that the babys health is the most important thing, but just so many thoughts are rushing through my head. I am scared. But any ways, i do not knwo when i should take a preg tests. Would you think that the results would come about now that i am at 2 days late? Or should i waite a week? Any advice!


... - January 21



angel - January 21

hey hun... i hear ya ive been on the teen board very hard to get good advice... im 20 so im not that much older so im not like super smart or anything lol but ill tell u what i know..... if you are 2 days late try taking a super senstiive test... i think forst response is the best... do u have a clinic near you? if you can go there to get a free test they have really good tests that are a lot more senstive than the ones we can get at the store... take it forst thing in the mornign... most women who are pregnant will show positive right after they miss a period.... if you test negative and think you are wait a week test again and then the next week... if after 2 weeks you are still testing negative go to the dr and take a blood test...... those are super accurate..... while ur waiting for ur answer take it easy.... take vitamins get plenty of rest..... dont smoke or drink or anything and avoid people doing it.... (smoke makes u naseaus a lot...) and good luck i hope everything works out :)


angelina - January 21

Hey angel, well thank you for your response. I was waiting for someones response. The thing is, i have been having cramping, which its for at least a minn, you would think that it was because my period is supose to come, but there is no sign of blood what so ever. I am a nervous reck. I think on monday morning, i am going to go to the store, buy a pregnancy test, and either take it that same day or take it on the next monring. I do not know what will i do if the tests appear posative( just thinking that it would appear posative is something that i dont beleive is real). I am a nervous reck girl. :-(. How would i tell my mom, shes pregnant as well, that i am. O my god that is going to be the hardest thing probably. But i know that iw ould love this child even though my actions i took where not the best in trying to prevent an unplanned pregnancy but i would hold nothing against my baby, my baby would be the most beautiufl thing in my eyes. My b___bs are really sensitive too. It started with my nipple and some slight pain iin my b___bs but now my full b___b is hurting.


angel - January 21

hey again :) dont worry about the cramoing its completly normal im 14 weeks and ive been cramoing all along its just everything is stretching to make room for baby as long as its not really really bad (like stabbing pain) and there is no heavy bleeding your fine :) and yes your chest will hurt bad.....after about 12 weeks its not as bad i guess the normones level out or something mine still hurt ahh! try wearing a shirt with a built in bra or a sorts bra its not as uncomforatable... and i know how hard it is to tell your parents... wait until you are 100% sure you are.... is your mom easy to talk to? if she is probly the best way would be just come out and tell her... if you think shes gonna flip out you could leave her a note and go to a friends that will give her time to read and process so u dont have to deal with a big fight..... but know ur mom loves you and even if shes mad for a while shell probly end up beng a big support to you :) how else are you feeling?


angel - January 21

hey :) yea sounds like you are preggo :) i felt like that the frist few weeks... and hmm well i would really love to have a girl but id be happy with a boy :) i had a miscarriage last year :( so ill be happy just to have a healthy baby! thats good ur boyfriend isnt a jerk.. how old is he? dont worry if hes a good guy he will be right next to your side the whole time :) i hope he is... as for me ill be a single mommy... long story but my boyfriend isnt supposed to be able to have kids so he doesnt believe me so i have to wait unti lthe baby is born and then have a blood test so this is very hard but im trying to do my best for baby :) and yea i hear ya im sure itll be hard with 2 babies in the house but everything will work out fine dont u worry :) the babies will have someone to play with :) so r u still in school? well i have to go for now but good luck let me know how ur test goes my email is [email protected] keep in touch girl :)


marie - February 15

do u really have to havea a parents consent to have an abortion?


mckenna13 - February 15

well angelina just take a deep breath and tell your mom that it was your dission to do what you did take the pregnancy test and if the results do not come out to what you what i segest not to get an abortion but to put it in foster care i am sure you would be a great mother this isnt really good advice considering im am 13 but it may help so good luck with your problems and best wishes if you thought this could help you with something than feel free to say something back to me


mckenna - February 15

hi am like in love with this guy named orbert and he is hella fine but he doesnt like me cause i am not the preetiest girl but pleeeeeeeeeeeeease anyone give some advice on how to get him to like me


Jen - February 16

Well, I was your age once and I did have an abortion...I am 28, I have 2 wonderful children and i still cry about that day! Dig deep down, because it could be the biggest mistake of your life...and you cannot take it back. The Lord has a plan for all of us...



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