Im Late But All Negative

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Joshua's Mom - August 9

Here is my story. In June of this year, I had a tubal reversal. I got my period 3 days after surgery. We TTC that month, failed, got my PD on July 10th. Tried again this month, and not sure if we did it, im late I was due for AF on Agust 7th, Im 2 days late and my tests are negative. Am I testing too early? Im usuing the HCG strips I bought off ebay, I begining to think they are c__p. I have one more store brand left and that is an Answer brand. Im trying to hold out until thursday for that one. But the more days that go by with no period scares me. Since I had a tubal reversal, I have a higher chance of ectopic pregnancy. Let me know what you think


bump - August 9



AT - August 15

Hi I also bought HCG strips on ebay. My AF is late but still negative. I am thinking thoes strips might be no good as well.


Hilary - August 15

I just wanted to share my story with the people who come to this website much like I did when I was in the same boat. I was looking everywhere for an answer to my question, "How long after you stop taking birth control pills does your first period start. I felt VERY pregnant. I had cramping in my lowere abdomen for almost two weeks and my niples were sore, just my nipples. they felt like they do when they get dry. The felt sore to the touch and very sensitvie. I felt like my nipples were poking out all the time. I was 10 days late from my expected date. I cam across this web site and after reading everything was sure I was pregnant. I was so emotional and was having major mood swings. I took 3 HPT (First Response) and they were all negative. I thought that they were wrong and I was just two early. I was at my witts end. I prayed about it and ask God to give me an answer one way or the other. It was the in between I could not take. Just coming off the pills for eight years I did not know what to think. No one that I read about had the exact situatuion so I was at a loss. SO....I am not pregnant I started on the 11th day, my answer from God. I really wanted to be pregnant. I know it is true you can get false negatives but it is also true to be REALLY late and have all the signs also. My advise, trust your bodies and pray. Eventually you are going to find out. It is all the stress and the obession with being pregnant that can sometimes throw your body off major. It is weird how much your mind can control when you want something so bad. God bless everyone and I hope you too recieve your answers. Hang in there everyone is different.


Joshua's Mom - August 17

Well I finally got my period on 8/11 so im in the running for next month. I will pay close attention to my body and pray. Im thinking its taking my body a few months to get used to being fertile again. I hope this is the month for me. Good luck to all you ladies.



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