Im Scared My Positives Might Not Be True

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wannabamama - January 30

my period is not expected to come until this friday. i tested sunday and monday with the early detector of first resonpse, just because the waiting game is torturous, and both tests came out positive with the second line being lighter/faint but definitely there. ive been having some slight symptoms, continous cramps is a big one, for over 2wks now and they are minor right now and not stopping. but then i have read all about these "chemical pregnancies" if you test too early. my husband and i have been trying for 5mo. and this is the last month that we could try to fit in our timeline with my job ending when we move and being able to afford our new house come summer. i have a doctor's appt. for thursday because for my iron levels, maybe she will send me for a blood test? but my expected period isnt till friday. can they test that early? those tests are positive, but i know i took them early. should i expect im pregn.? or dont get my hopes up? im nervous, we want this so bad, i know its meant to be. it has to be.


d - February 2

I took 9 tests for me to be sure. Every 2 days my bfp's got darker and darker. The first few ones were sooo light. Although I didn't get the first bfp until 5days after af was due. But everyone is different. Take another test in another 2 days, same time as the last time. I took all mine at 10am. Every other day they got darker.... Good Luck. Keep getting the bfp's.. And Congrats!!!. I also had lots of cramps, kept running to the bathroom thinking af showed prior to the bfp. And I still had cramps after the bfp!!. I got my fingers and toes crossed for you.


wannabamama - February 4

YEP! IM PREGNANT! had my doctor's appointment too and everything is confirmed! now the fun begins! i can't wait till this tues. night, the whole family is going to find out!!


d - February 4




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