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m - October 17

How long after implantation bleeding do you need to wait to see a positive pregnancy test?


Jennifer - October 17

I would like to know the answer to this question. My last period was on sept 2, i saw some brownish colored smear when I used the bathroom around the 21st of the month. Then next time I should have had my period was on Oct 1, took test today (10-17-05) is showed negative...I have never been late before in my life, except when i had my first child.


m - October 17

I have read that you can test 3-4 days after but some women will still show a neagative result, untill a week after there AF was due. A blood hcg quantative can determine the amount of HCG present without a positve hcg


Jennifer - October 18

Thanks M- so do you think it is possible? I seem to have all the standard "pg" feelings...quesy in the mornings, extremely tired, horrible back pain for the last 2 weeks... all and all something isn't right with me i don't you think I should call the doctor or wait until novemeber and see if I have AF??? I am really curious as to what I should do?


Julie - October 18

Hi, I was wondering if anyone who has had implantation bleeding had bright red light bleeding for a day that turned light brown. I had this yesterday and now my period isn't due for 4 more days and I was wondering if this could be implantation bleeding. Im not cramping, but do feel some twinges in the area. Not to be gross, but it didn't smell like period blood, just like blood. As far as I know I have no infections (no pains, smells or discharge). Im also 43 and Im pretty regular at 28 days. Im hoping I am pregnant, as I know my chances are quite slim.


Jennifer - October 18

Julie- mine didn't start out red it was brownish for about 3 days and then quit... and several days later i had some red spotting late one evening one time


Casey - October 23

hey is it possible for implantation be like a very light period? i had spotting for bout 3days the a day before i was due for my period i got a lightner period then normal and the blood was much darker? could it have been implantation bleeding?


T - October 31

Everyone seems to be needing an answer to this question. My cycle was due 10/30 and I have a very very regular cycle at 28 days, but instead of the norm i only had light bleeding. Only enough for a pantyliner. I took a hpt 10/28 and it was neg, but I was still wondering if this could be implantation bleeding


nicole - November 3

my period should start Nov 6 or 7. Nov 2 I noticed a small amount of dark blood (almost brown/black). this was odd because I do not usually have this. This morning when I awoke, I had the urge to urinate more than normal, but after wiping I noticed some blood clots on the tissue. This concerned me but when I called my dr, she said it is nothing just wait and see if I start on time. This is not okay with me. My husband I and have been trying for 14 months and the waiting now is killing me. Can anyong out there please help me? What is this and is it normal? Thank You!!


haley - November 11

Hi Guys, This is my story.I hope it helps. (sorry if long) I am due for my AF tomorrow 13 Nov 05. I have a 34 day cycle. On day 28 about 6-7dpo i started to spot some brown discharge, only there on tp not enough to get on a liner. I am never early for AF so i did a HPT and got a very faint positive. I didnt beleive it as i thought for sure i was getting af, i felt a little bloated and crampy... over the next couple days it started to turn reddish... but not alot, like a very very very light period. Not like my usual period at all where its like someone has opened the flood gates.... so i did a few more tests over the next few days, all positive so i went to my docs and got a blood test. It was positive but only showed levels that would indicate that i am about 2 weeks along (which would be right), i am still having a light bleed (day 6 today) and feel a bit achey in my pelvic region but the bleed has not gotten any heavier or clots or anything. I have to go back to docs in 4 days to have another test and too see if levels are doubling. So its either i am about to or am having a m/c or i am having text book implantation bleed. If anyone wants to email to talk about this please do- [email protected] good luck to all!


Amanda - November 15

my last period, i spotted oct.6,7 then i got my period for like 8 more days. i usually have long periods but not that long. My husband and i started trying for a baby. then november came and it's the 15th and still no period. on the 6 of nov i had some pinkish blood when i peed then a very tiny bit of brown, then it was done. my tummy hurt off and on but nothing too drastic. i still feel bloated with some sharpe pains. i took 2 tests on the 10th both negative? so i am confused?


janice brown - December 9

if you had s_x on november 5 or 6 and got a period on november 11 can you still become pregnant?


Tina - December 11

I am having the same thing...I started spotting 3 days before my period was due than was light to medium period like bleeding for one day and then nothing....has anyone gotten positives after bleeding like this???


anonymous - December 11

Hi Julie, your chances are not slim at 43 to get pregnant. Women in my family have been know to get pregnant later than that.


Annonymous - January 10

WOW!! I didnt know everyone else had this same problem. I am looking for answers. Please respond with any comments you might have. I had unprotected intercourse on 12/24,12/25 he did pull out but I found out that I was ovulating that day. My cycles have been 28 days for the past three months that I have tracked..dead on every time. So I should have started on the 6th or 7th of Jan. At one day late I started having a slight tint of pink..then it was gone..then it came back...then it was I have had a brownish color blood but not enough to even need a has been all day today and now it is bright red. Not even on my norm do I have bright red blood. It is still light enough that I dont need any tampon...but I have been cramping for about a week and a half now and it is getting worse tonight. Along with the bright red blood...My HpT came back neg 5x but I have had a history of neg when they are really pos. I have never had bleeding during either of my two pregnancies...What is this? Am I pregnant? Is my body trying to miscarry? How can I find out for sure..I am seriously freaking out and the drs wont help...Please respond promptly!!!! Thankyou


a - January 11

My af is way off cycle my last af was 37 days, then on mon I had really light pinkish blood but only when I wiped. Then it was brown for another day or so, then it stopped, but this was on cd 25!!! Is my cycle just completely off or could this actually be implantation bleeding????? Please comment


Phire88 - March 11

Someone please help me I think I may be pregant my period should have stoped today but I have a little pinkish red stuff when I wipe it been going on since yesterday it doesnt even fill a pad.



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