Inconclusive Blood Pregnancy Test

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jess0701 - January 4

I went to the doc. today to have a blood pregnancy test done because i was suppose to start dec. 19 well i still dont have my period, i took 4 hpt and all were neg. so my doc. wanted to do blood work well got the results back and it was inconclusive, when i asked what that meant i didnt get a real answer they just want me to come back in 48 hrs to re test, so I will go back on monday. has any one had a similar experince please let me know please some one help


mjvdec01 - January 4

It is possible that your sample was contaminated at the lab, or the vial was dropped and broken, that happed to me once. Otherwise, maybe your number was borderline and he just wants to dee if it rises by monday or not. Good luck, let me know what happens.


HopefulK - January 5

I'd be interested in that too as I'm waiting on the results of a blood test myself. If your period was due dec 19 you'd be about 6/7 weeks by now if you were pg?!! Is that right? Probably a problem with the lab like mjvdec01 says. Keep us updated, I'd be interested to see what happens.


jess0701 - January 5

thanks for your answers I just got off the pill in the begining of Sep. so my other 2 periods were around the 17-19 so i just though my next one would be around the same time well I guess we will see so thanks again for your posts and i will let you know what they say monday evening thanks


jess0701 - January 7

I have my blood work back well half of it I am pregnant they are still waiting to see the hcg levels to kinda see how far along i am! thank you both for your help Jess


mjvdec01 - January 8

Congratulations, I am so happy for you. Keep us updated.


HopefulK - January 8

Congratulations. Heres to a happy healthy 9 months.x


jess0701 - January 8

Thank you, hopefully it will be good I have had 2 m/c before so hopefully this one will make it im praying any ways.


jennifer taxson - January 9

they should be testing your hcg levels again within 48-72 hrs based on your history. it may not hurt to have them also test your progesterone and estroidal levels to make sure they are sound. {if this pregnancy should not move forward, it's time to see a specialist, (probably a maternal fetal medicine doc,) to do additional testing and bloodwork.} hoping the best for you!


jess0701 - January 9

Yes they are testing me every 48 hrs to check my levels and i am also on prometrium to help keep the pregnancy so they are watching me thanks to all


mjvdec01 - January 9

My thoughts are with you. I hope all is well. :o}



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