Inconclusive Results

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cara - June 18

I had a blood pregnancy test done and was told that it was inconclusive. Has this ever happened to anyone and if so were you pregnant or not?


celeste - June 11

How would a blood test come out incconclusive, thats strange. What ind of blood test was it. They have one that reports a simple yes or no answer, which I heard works like a HPT. The other one actually counts how many hormones of HCG are in the blood. I a__sume this was the one you had. They say that a count of 5 and lower is a negative, but a 6 and higher could be a possible pregnancy. You should ask what count you were at. keep us posted.


cara - June 12

The one I had done was supposed to tell me yes or no. The nurse said it was rare to get an inconclusive, but I've read that it means there is enough hcg to not be negative, but to little to be positive. So I will try again in a week.


celeste - June 13

Yea, I would definately test again, maybe the hormones were to low. Always be sure, because things happen.


amy - June 14

If it was inconclusive, then they would want you to come back and test again. When you go back, they will check the count against the one you just had. If it is higher, then you will a__sume to be pregnant... if it is lower then you will a__sume to not be pregnant. For more information check out


cara - June 14

I went back today for a second blood test and it came back inconclusive again, but the dr said there was a faint positive after 7 minutes and that I am probably preg but the hcg is low.


Shelly - June 15

I just had a blood test done yesterday as well that turned out inconclusive. The level was at 6, right on the border. I was due for my period on June 10, and have only had light brown/pink spotting for 2 days. Could this be a miscarriage? Anybody else have something similar?


sara - June 18

They took my blood two days ago for a prenancy test and today I got the result:inclusive. The weird thing is I took a home pregnancy test yesterday and it was positive! I thought the blood tests were far more sensitive than the urine.



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