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Patreasa_Mullen - August 16

Hello. Yesterday morning, I used a Dollar Tree pregnancy test, and i watched it work. I noticed the test line changing, and it was well within the time limit when I got my faint BFP. It was light as can be, but it was the same thickness and color as the control line, but it was light. I tested again later in the day with an EPT, and FRER and got BFN. I used the dollar tree test today and got BFN. I am also 9dpo. any other ladies use this test and get reliable results? Are false positives known on this test?


Patreasa_Mullen - August 16

Also, if I am pregnant, this would be my second save people the time in typing I know all about chemical pregnancies, early missed miscarriages, etc.....I"m just asking if anyone had any positive feedback on dollar tree preg tests...thank you:)


Cakoo4cocopuffs - August 16

well I got a faint line last thursday, within like 3 minutes and it was a thin pink line but faint... about 10 minutes after the time limit it turned a gray color and it's faded now.. did yours look anything like what I described..? not sure If I am prego or not yet... gonna take a test tomorrow


Patreasa_Mullen - August 16

No it is still the same light purple as the control line,but real light. i held it up against the light to see if it was just gray and my eyes were tricking me,but it is real light purple, and also my husband say it too. I'm hoping to be pregnant again, and I'm hoping I can rely on this test. I'm going to wait a few days and use EPT brand, as that gave my my BFP when i was 11dpo last year...


Cakoo4cocopuffs - August 16

I bet your PG then!! Hope for me plz!!! COngrats!! and good luck!!


onemore - August 29

Anyone else have feedback on these tests? Anyone had a neg result when in fact you were preg?


co-hopeful1977 - August 30

I also used $ tree tests with the same results, a really faint line. I took 3 of those and 2 first response and they were faint too. I went to the Dr. yesterday and was told that I am pregnant! You are much more likely to get a false BFN than a False BFP. In order for the test to come up positive, even if it faint, you have to have some of the hcg hormone in your system. If a test somes back BFN after a faint BFP, it might be b/c you don't have enough hormone to detect. I would say Congrates and call the Dr. for blood work.


slowpoke01 - August 30

hey i took a dollar store test last wed. it was + so i thought that i would take another test. thursday i got a fact plus and it was + so friday i went in to have a quantative hcg beta blood test and my hcg was 102.9 so definitely pregnant. i would say that the test are very accurate. both test that i took the dollar store test and the fact plus were both dark +'s. good luck to you.


LoVeLyMoMmY - August 30

slowpoke how late for af were you when you got those results?


LoVeLyMoMmY - August 31

Hopeful i tok an First response early response(2)...very faint posiives...then i took target brand(faint Pos)...went to ao clinice they said i had a faintly positive and to come back in 2wks to retest....then i took 3dollart tree tests..(faint positives..very) i another better docs and they made me a prenantal appointment mid sept....and then i have a blood test fri....i guess my question faint were your positives when you got a positive blood test...i am just so freakin nervous!!!!...hahahaha....and late was your af??....mine will be almost a week late this friday...thanks girl!!!


diem - August 31

I would like to knwo this answer as well. I recieved 1 faint and 2 very faint pg tests. I also had 2 negatives. How faint are we talking here. I am nervouse that the faint ones aren't correct.


co-hopeful1977 - August 31

Hi Ladies, Faint lines are so frustrating. I wasn't even late when I took my first $ tree test. I wasn't due for AF until Monday and I couldn't wait so I took it the Thur. before. It was really faint, I'm sure as faint as it could be, I wasn't even sure it was really there or if it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. I took another $ tree test on Friday, same thing. Sat. I took a first response, again a faint line. Sunday was another $ tree and again, faint line. Mon. I took another first response and it was faint again, however it was slightly darker that the first response from Sat. I had them all lined up so that I could compare. I wasn't even sure that it really was darker, but had dh look at it and he said, "Oh yeah that is much darker!" My Dh also checked out a govt website, like food and drug or something like that and it said that a faint line, no matter how light is a pretty good sign of a BFP! False positives do happen but it isn't very common, as I said before it is more likely to get a false negative. Try to be patient, yeah right, I know, keep testing with FMU and call you Dr. for blood tests. Good luck all, I know EXACTLEY how you all feel. Hopefully you will get the same results as I did. ****BABY DUST***


haymay - August 31

I used this test when I got pregnant, and it worked perfectly for me. I tested when I was 2 days late with an Equate test and got a bfp, so I went to walmart later that day and got a diff. Equate test, again a BFP, then the next day got 4 tests from Dollar Tree, took 1 each day from then on, and were all BFP...I had taken the Dollar Tree tests before I got pg and they were always a definate BFN. In my experience they worked perfectly. My dd is now 4 and a half months old.


LoVeLyMoMmY - September 1

My line today was darker in the 3mins time limit...the dollar tree are ok tests...they were just giving alot fainter of pos than the first response i took sun...i was due for af sat and i tsted sun and everyday since then...hahaha...but in about 1/2hr i am going for a blood test!...wish me luck!


sherry06 - September 4

hey girls, dying to know how it went lovely mommy. i have lots of preggo symptoms, and am 12 or 13 days post ovulation, and i sware this dollar tree test could NOT be any fainter, or it wouldn't be there. i sure don't know if my eyes are totally buggin out or not. anyone know the sensitivity on these? thanks, can't wait to try again tomorrow. good luck girls. sherry


sarah9 - November 28

hi yeah i did a preg test and the docs and it was only faint and the same nite i bought 1 from the shop and it was negative the next day i had t go bk t the doctors 4 ablood test and the result showed i was a bit pregnant and they fort i would miscarry, so i had to go back a few days later 4 a blood test agen and got the results the next day and it shown i was pregnant but as i did the 1st preg test on the day b4 my missed period it was just too early to tell..... i am now 18weeks preg and everythin is going well..


DownbutnotOUT - November 29

i used the dollar tree tests and got my extremly faint almost not there + at 9 dpo and at 11 dpo it was definatly a BFP. I am currently 12 weeks and 3 days



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