Is It All In My Head With NO Period

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pinkahbo0 - April 8

My las period started February 14th and ended around the 18th/19th. My cycle is usually 30 days, so therefore, I was expecting my period around the 21st of this month. However, its been 17 days and no period. I am not on any method of birth control, it's not common for my period to be more than 2 weeks late. However, I have had some cramping for about 2 weeks on and off. Everytime I feel the cramping, which is very slight and only lasts but a couple of minutes (usually no more than 5 mins.), I think my period is coming, and when I go to the bathroom - Nothing. Besides the slight cramps and missed period, I've had light headaches, which is also rare for me, also the last 5 days I've felt unusually warm, I've taken my temperature and for about 3 days, except for today for some reason, my temperature did not drop below 99.4 (It ranged from 99.4 to about 99.6). My stomach does feel queasy, partiuclarly at nights. My br___t are also sore, and have rounded out more around the sides, my nipples have been sensitive also. The only problem to this is that 6 days after my missed period (which would have started the 21st), I took a HPT and it came out negative. A week later or 13 days after my missed period, i took another HPT and it also came out negative. Any ideas as to what this can mean? Can it be a false negative? Or is all this in my head? I've thought about it that way, but these symptoms are pretty obvious. Should I wait longer to take another HPT? I would love to hear what you all have to say.. thank you so much for reading =) and good luck with yours.


claire_star - April 8

im goin through the exact same thing. dizzyness, tired ness, needing the toilet all the time, period cramps, heart burn, slight headaches, my nipples have been sore but my b___sts arent too bad, i have just started to feel a wee bit queasy plus im 2.5 weeks late. yet i have done about 10 hpt, all in the two weeks, i guess i should of waited longer, but they have all turned out negative. i feel totaly different. but i dont know whats goin on, as every test says negative


girl05 - April 8

some people NEVER get a + hpt! you need to go for a blood test, cause if you are usually regular, and have preg. symptoms, as they sound to me, then demand to be seen and taken seriously. i see how some dr's string girls along on this board, or don't provide them with quick facts, leaving them wondering, and waiting, and it enrages me. if it were me, i'd need an immediate answer, so good luck, i'd schedule an appt. asap. Jen


claire_star - April 8

to girl 05. i had a drs apt on friday. she was utterly hopeless. all she did was say 'so do you want me to do a test? although i think we both know the outcome'. i said yes id like her to, so i can eliminate all possibilities. i have to hand the sample in on monday, will see what she says on thursday. although im thinkin if it was showin up negative in hpt, then wont it on the dors pt?


pinkahbo0 - April 8

Claire_star. Perhaps you should (or rather WE, because I probably need the same) get some blood work to test for you hcg hormones. I read some other very interesting stories on this board, it amazes me how even sometimes blood work comes out negative, and it hasn't been till when they go for an ultrasound, that several women have found out they are pregnant. Another thing to consider, that I saw on the web, however, I am not too sure if this is true, but if you drink alot of liquids, particularly water before a HPT it can come out negative. I know I drink plenty of water, so the next time I try I will perhaps not drink water right before. Also, maybe if you wait another week or two to take another HPT, the hormone will increase. Please let me know how you turn out. It surely sounds like you are pregers ;] I wish you the best! Take care


claire_star - April 8

i read some where on this, that the blood test needs a higher level of hcg hormone to pick up as possitive. so im thinking that if there is too little for a hpt to pick up, it surely wont on a blood test. all i want to know is whats going on. i really thought my dr would help shed some light but she was hopeless. im seriously startin to think its a phantom pregnancy :(


pinkahbo0 - April 8

claire_star, blood tests are able to count a certain amount of hcg hormone, i believe it may be more accurate. hmmm I'm not too sure thought, this is the first time I have ever been in this predicament, and I have no kids, and have never been pregnant before (not that I am sure I am now, because apparently from the HPT's I'm not).... On another note, I rushed to the bathroom because I felt wet and had the slight cramping accompanied with it, I thought I had gotten my period, instead I came across some white discharge, very milky looking but alot thicker (like a milk shake? LOL) ,,, hmmm is this normal? I just wonder what's going on. The cramps have gone away, and now im just tired again.. wow, i guess it's time to lay down for a bit. Good luck, keep us posted =)


kristina1980 - April 8

Hi, I am so happy, I am not the only one freaking out. well I stopped taking birth control when I got my last period. After my period finished, in 3 days I got another strong bleeding. (another period)? So I count that as a last period. According to my calendar I am about 10 days late, from my "second period" but 13 from my regular one. Sometimes I feel very hot, dizzy, little upset stomach, tired. My nipples were very sensitive just few days ago. And guess what? All tests Negative!!! Sometimes I think it's all in my head, or it's just reaction of my body for stopping birth control. I've been pregnant before (but didn't keep it), and I knew right away I am pregnant (I even knew when what day it happend) and when I took a test, even before my missed period, It was positive right away. so what's going on now, I have no clue.


claire_star - April 9

i was pregnant before as well, but like you i didnt keep it. i felt a little forced into that decision, and have had a hard time dealing with it. but that was in december, and i have had my dec, jan and feb period but no march. i fell totally different but the tests keep comin up negative. im so confused. my cousin recently, as in a couple of weeks ago, found out she was pregnant and it upset me a bit, which is why im startin to think this is all in my head. i just want to know whats happening. i have never, ever been late, apart from when ive been pregnant


pinkahbo0 - April 9

Hello Ladies, well I hope you all have good luck.. I am just about giving up here. I still have no yet gotten AF, but I feel a little better from the queasy stomach and such, my bbs are still a tad-bit sore, but not so much as before (or atleast this morning they haven't been). I guess I will be taking yet another HPT test this week, if AF doesnt come by then, then I will be seeing my doctor. I'll keep you all posted.. Take care and wish you all the best =)


kristina1980 - April 10

Hi ladies, I'm starting to believe that all is in my head, or it is just the stress from wishing to have a baby. I decided to work out, loose weight, and just not to think about it. I'm still without period, and I decided to wait 2 more weeks, and than see a doc if nothing happens. Meanwhile, I'll just try to keep focus on my "beauty" and read your comments. t


b__terfly25 - April 10

Hi there girls..It is such a relief to know you aren't the onlly one in this frustrating situation!! My period was due only one week ago, and I can't concentrate on anything besides this constant wonder..could I be pregnant?? For almost 2 weeks I have had fant and sporadic what feel like period cramps, tugging, pulling, twinges..and feeling flushed. I have been staaarving too! I keep thinking my period is coming and keep running to the loo to check, and just no sign whatsoever. In the past two days I contstantly feel as though I need to go to the toilet, but actually don't. These feelings never seem to last this long.I have taken 3 HPT's and negative. Perhaps it's because I am so hopeful??



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