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shannon - October 3

i would like anybodys views on pregnancy tests as i have heard that so many are not reliable. i am 8 days late have been suffereing from tiredness, swollen and tender br___ts, i also feel extremely bloated and heavy, had some slight cramping but nothing to suggest my period is coming. i have done 5 hpt all negative, i have heard that alot of tests are not reliable. would love to hear from people about which tests they took and how reliable they actually are. i did a digital test and did not rate that at all as there was 2 lines on the cartridge when i ejected it. i know they say not to read the cartridge but you cant help but think 2 lines that must be positive.


Laura - October 3

I used First Response with my second daughter and it caught that pregnancy at aprox. 2-3 weeks. I have used it this time around and it picked up on the hormones that the digital initaly picked up on then after a second test on the digital it said "not pregnant" the first response still showed positve lines. However with me on my third first response (you know cause I am obsessive :-) ) It was negitive. For me I believe I have/had a chemical pregnancy and that is why my first digital showed up positive and my second showed up negitive as my hormone levels were droping. But I would still say that the First response was the most reliable as it still picked up the hormones that the digital didn't and my past experince with it and my second daughter. Best of luck!!!


milissa - October 3

I have to agree, first response seems to work the best . all the others say negative yet first response shows a faint positive. ( out of 4 first response)


shannon - October 4

just want everyone to know i did a hpt this morning (ANSWER) it came back a very faint positive. it was very hard to see at first but after about 10 minutes it was very clear. the test says not to read the results after 10 minutes so i dont know whether i am pregnant or not. will do another one in the morning i will let you all know.


shannon - October 5

hi everyone, just to let you all know the test from the doctors was negative. my advice to everyone is take a very faint positive as a negative or until you do another test and the line is as clear as day because my period started this morning or at least i think it did i havent gushed like i normally do i have just had a couple of drips never mind i am going to take that as if am not pregnant.


milissa - October 6

SHANNON - that does not mean nothing, any faint positive is a positive?!? I would wait a week and test again. you can't even rely on doctors test! if you end up have all the symptoms then test again.


Laura - October 6

You could have been reading an evaporation line as a positive. That happens a lot as a false positive. When I went to the doctors this week she said that there has been a lot of controversry recently over HPT and that d__n evaporation line. She drew my HcG levels and I came back at a 14 which is very low. I went in today for a repeat HcG level and it came back at 24 which is still very low but on the incline which is good. Unfortualy I have to go back in on friday for a repeat HcG level to make sure it is rising becuase they consier anything under 100 not viable!! It is crazy the things we go though!!!


shannon - October 7

good luck on friday laura let us know how you get on.


milissa - October 7

LAURA- Well have been pregnant before and anything over 5 means your pregnant if you are at 24 the last time you checked YOU ARE PREGNANT".


milissa - October 7



Lola - October 8

Sorry Melissa but you are incorrect. >5 and <25 is equivocal which basically means they are not sure. You need an HcG level to be 25 or greater for it to be considered positive. I am looking at my lab report as I type this.


Erin - October 8

Hey guys, all labs are different. I had one test done at one lab and it measure postives at 10, and another test the next day that measure positives at 25. Labs can measure positive at 5, 10, or 25...or somewhere inbetween. Both of my tests were qualitative tests only, where they give you a yes/no answer. Which kind of tests did you use? Quant_tative tests measure the exact number, and anything over 5 is positive. Some labs may say up until a certain number it is "inconclusive" but you are still pregnant! They say inconclusive because they aren't sure if it will turn out to be a viable pregnancy at that point (could be a chemical pregnancy or something like that) Most likely, it turns out to be okay. hope that helps! Laura, I hope you see your numbers continue to rise! Good luck to you and your little bean.


Laura - October 10

Hey all just an update, my thrid level came back at a 26, same as 48 hours before, I started spoting on friday and saturday I was Very heavy with the worst cramping ever. So I am in a full misscariage. We are still hopeful for the future. Best of luck to everyone. A side note to the which pregnancy test is the most reliable, before I got my third HcG level I took anohter First Response (becuase I had it) and It came back a strong positive w/a HcG of 26. I asked my doctor if the HcG in the urine was the same as HcG in the blood and she said that they are comperable, So we know for sure now that you can trigger the First Response at a HcG of 26 which is still VERY early, So my preference and suggestion for anyone how wants a reliable and accurage HPT I would got with first response!!. Once again best wishes for all.


milissa - October 10

LAURA - god bless you"! and very sorry to hear that! BEST OF LUCK


Erin - October 10

Laura, So sorry to hear about your loss! {{{Hugs}}} I think it is wonderful that you are optomistic about the future. You are right. When it is meant to be, it will happen. Good luck to you! :)


helen - November 4

I have always used Clear Blue. It has either said I am pregnant or Im not. But they have always been very clear results. I feel pregnant and have done 2 clear blue tests both positive.


jane - November 8

i did a £2.99 test from co op chemist and at 1 day late it was instantly bright pink. a friend did clear blue test at 1 day late and it was very faint. i hope this helps.



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