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Martha31 - March 6

My af is only due on Friday, but I did a blood test on Monday and it came negative. Is there still hope or should I just accept the fact that I am not pregnant? Please help, I'm going crazy!!!


angelgabby84 - March 6

Hi Martha! I thought you were testing on the 12th. There is always hope though my aunt, (who is younger than me) just found out she is pg with her 3rd child. Shes about 4 months but has irregular periods so she wasnt sure. She had a blood test at 2 months pg at her docs but it was neg. 1 week later i gave her a cheapie test and it was positive. Shes had an ultrasound since and she IS 4 months. So yes there is definately hope. My fingers are still crossed for you ~~~lots of baby dust you way~~~ speak to you soon kristen


Martha31 - March 6

Yes I was supposed to est on the 12th but since I had to do blood test for my thyroid (that I need to control to make sure my pregnancy goes well after), then I could not resist but to make a preggo test at the same time.....if you know what I mean:)


angelgabby84 - March 7

There is still hope though!! HCG wont show till after implantation, it may have been too early and it could actually be a false negative. You should wait a few days and see if AF shows up. Hopefully it wont and then do another test.


Martha31 - March 7

angelgabby84: Since yesterday though, I have this brownish m/c....I feel cramps too...this is probably my af ion the way:( Oh well.....


Martha31 - March 8

got my AF today:(


angelgabby84 - March 8

Im sorry to hear that!! I read you post earlier saying that you were gonna try charting. Its definately a good idea I dont need to chart anymore but when i did i found that because i could see something written down in black and white it really helped me and its less stressful having you own notes to refer to. Also it gives you that little something to do everyday so everything doesnt feel like your just waiting for AF waiting 2 weeks to O waiting 2 weeks for AF waiting to more weeks to O (aaarrrrgggghhh) I hope charthing works for you. Good luck this cycle ~~sticky sticky baby dust~~~~



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