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DaisyJ - June 20

My last period was april 13, and ended on the 17th, i havent got my period since, im 2 months late, and i have taken 4 pregnancy test and they all come out negative, but i have sore br___t, cramps, discarge, and hungry then usual, is there a chance those test are wrong? o my cycles are 28days.


Lisa555 - June 20

Hi Daisy, I have read about a thousand of these postings over the last week, and I feel for you! I think there is a possibility you could be pregnant. The most common reason to have a late or missing period is because of a pregnancy, but there are other reasons as well they are just not as common. Have you gotten a blood test done? You probably should because a month late is a long time! The blood tests are qualitative rather than just yes or no so they are probably more accurate. Did you take your home pregnancy tests in the morning before you had peed? This is what's going on with me and I hope that someone who knows more than I do can help both of us :) I had my period on May 18th 2009 and it was about two days shorter than normal. I would have ovulated around June 1 and I started having brown spotting around the same time, when I wiped, for about three days. I am currently almost a week late for my period, but two home pregnancy tests have been negative, and one at the doctor's office was also negative. They refused to do a blood test, and the doctor told me to wait for my period and if it doesn't come in another "week or two" then I could come back. Hmmmm. I am experiencing heartburn, headaches, cramps (for five days), and irritability. I am just wondering whether I could be pregnant? How long should I wait to take another home pregnancy test?


Lisa555 - June 22

I am so disappointed. I got my period tonight. I guess the doctor was right, and maybe I put off my period because of stress. I didn't even know I would be so sad about this. Best of luck to those that are trying. Take care.



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