Is This A Pregnancy Symptom

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Sandy83 - October 15

Hello ladies, me & my hubby we are trying for baby for months now. I am about 6days to my next periods. I have been having terrible lower back pain for couple days now. But its not always, it comes and goes every now and then. Especially at nights and early mornings the pain is bad. I haven't had any pain like this before my periods. I dont really see any other difference in my body other than the pain. I do feel my body is acting different but not sure exactly what it is. Could this be a pregnancy symptom with just the lower back pain?


Sandy83 - October 16

I started to have diaarhea this morning... Is this also a pregnancy symptom???


Sandy83 - October 17

Well today, no back pain and no symptoms at all. Any idea on this? Do you think I am still pregnant? Anybody had this kinda symptoms for few days and no symptoms later when just nearing the due?


suzy97 - October 18

Sandy I understand what you are going through, i had diarrhea on mon and tues and i can feel something going on in body i know that i am pregnant. I also seem to get quezy at lunch time every day. I also had back pain over the weekend but it pa__sed on mon. I have had brown spotting for a couple of days but no period it was due on mon. All my hpt have come back negative so i am going to get a blood test done on mon. Good Luck I hope this has helped you.


Sandy83 - October 19

Looks like we both of us are going on same boat;) Yesterday I felt like normal but still my stomach feels so weird.. i know its not normal.. today I am having light bleeding. But definitely not periods, im pretty sure on that. i guess we just to wait and see. My periods is due in 2 days. I am hoping to get positive soon;). Lets not loose hope huh? Baby Juice to you!


Sandy83 - October 23

Hi ladies, I went to dr today, n got bfn. But, dr said harmone level was too low and all the pain and the symptoms I had which I thought it was pg symptoms, she said its not because my harmone level is way low. Is that true? Anyone else had the same problem? I have also done a blood test today and will get the results in few days. Cant wait!!!!!


Sandy83 - October 29

I guess I am the only one typing in this post;) thats ok.. atleast if it could help a few other ladies like me.. I am 8days late of AF, I started with light bleeding today, it was bright red and it got heavier in few hrs, but not like regular periods. I am really worried if its miscarriage. Happened to anyone? Any idea? Please help!


kelbabe - October 29

go to signs of pregnancy forum....u will get more help there. the only thing to do is wait to test again. x x


Sandy83 - November 6

Ladies! I went to the doctor and turned out to be 6 weeks pg today. I took almost 8 HPTs and 4 blood tests to show up BFP. I am going to have my ultrasound done next week. I am hoping for everything to go fine. Baby dust to you all!


MrsSmacker - November 7

diaarhea is not... but constipation is


jenn W - November 7

That's awesome Sandy!!!! CONGRATS!


lastchance - November 7

Its funny... I have been tossing that question around to myself for the past 2 weeks... "could I have gotten pregnant?" or am "I pregnant?" And I keep a__suming that I will know for sure on Friday when my AF is due... but In your case you had even longer to find out.... Thats scary. I am not sure if I can wait another week to know! Its driving me nuts... If I am not pregnant, I really hope my period comes on time... and If I am I pray that it shows up on a test! That has to be hard to be late and wondering... goodness! Funny thing is... I had a bunch of symptoms that I had the first time I was pregnant... I was beyond tired, nasous, and only eating fixed it... but now all I have is sore b___sts and nipples! And I am hungry all the time...



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