Is This Even Possible

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------ - September 8

okay--here is my deal....i thought i could have possibly been pregnant so i took 3 HPT's which all came back negative and also a blood test which came back <2...the blood test was taken when i would have been 2 months around...everything came back negative (which is good as i dont want to be pregnant right now)...i also had an internal ultrasound for a check for cysts aroudn the time i would hae been a month pregnant....after all of that is it even possible that i could be pregnant? I have had my period--more or less normal...but my stomach just keeps getting bigger...and im not eating too much and my stmoach is just bigger and jiggly ..if that makes sense..can anyone give me any help?


hyde - September 5

do go n get another ultrasound done. if the scan showed that u r still not pregnant, your weight-gain might be triggered by something else instead. medical conditions like thyroid can give symptoms which are similar to pregnancy. If your doc had determine that u r not pregnant by then, do ask to check if u might be having some thyroid problems.


------ - September 5

i do have thyroid problems...had tumors and my thyroid is now synthroid levels are always messed up, so im guessing that could be why im getting a bit bigger... when i last talked to my doctor, she said she was certain there was no way..but of course, you always wonder!


hyde - September 5

yes, n as u may have learn from your doctor, thyroid can caused excessive weight gain. have u might have problems losing them. just keep an eye on your diet n watch what u eat. do some exercise that u like n it will keep ur weight gain to a minimum. unfortunately thyroid can also disrupt your period cycle, n women with this condition may find it hard to get pregnant (not knowing their ovulation date n such). but since u aren't trying for a baby right now, don't worry too much n just focus on getting your health back. :) Good luck to you.


---- - September 5

thank you so much for your help...its on of those things that you just need to hear it from someone else..u know? I just got my synthroid changed yesterday, so hopefully that will bring my weight back down..again, thank u so much


hyde - September 5

no problem at all, it can be quite frustrating when u need answers n there is no one to advice or rea__sure you. I'm just trying to help in any way i can. good health to you then! :)


madison - September 8

i agree with hyde..just try not to worry either



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