Is This HPT Or Website Included To See Pic

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Cassie - December 12

I have been asking for everyone's help. I can't tell if I am imagining things or what! Is this HPT positive or negative? Any opinions? I took it 11 days past ovulation in the evening after not going to restroom for 3 hours. It was a first response early detection test. Help! Thanks...


sml - December 12

Hi there...I'm thinking that it is a negative, because there is only 1 line. Now I saw your post on ivillage as well, and I would suggest going by what the instruction insert says, not the website. Best wishes, and God Bless


sml - December 12

after reading the posts at ivillage...i think i'd better take another lool...LOL...maybe i'm just blind. Now are you seeing two lines? should i be looking for a faint one?


sml - December 12

well i can def. see the faint line you all are seeing however are they supposed to be that far seems off center to me. I would go try another brand and test tomorrow morning :) God Bless


elizabeth - December 12

I see the line in there. How long did it take for the line to appear? It may be an evaporation line. let me know. I have a few tests that have faint lines like that.


Ca__sie - December 12

It appeared within the time limit of 3 minutes. It actually showed right away. I plan on testing again soon. Probably the day my period is due or the day after.


beth - December 12

Ca__sie, if the line showed up within three minutes then you are most likley pregnant. Evaporation lines usually show up after ten minutes so this is a positive test. But let me know what your next test is.


connie - December 13

YES Ca__sie, this is a very definite faint positive!! Congrats!! I didn't even have to squint or move closer to my screen :)


connie - December 13

Ca__sie, I have taken MANY of the First Response eary results, and I will tell you that these tests do not have evapoation lines that clear :) Did you confirm with the doc yet? Let us know please....


Ca__sie - December 13

Hey everyone. Thankss for your replies. I really appreciate it. I took another test with first morning urine this moring (I took the other one Saturday) and here is what I got. What do you think about this one?


connie - December 13

Ca__sie, this one is fainter than the one you took on Saturday. It looks to me like you had very slow rising hcg levels and now they are fastly fading, this is called a "chemical pregnancy or very early miscarriage. I had one in March, I caught it on the sensitive hpt's (one was the FREarly test )and a quant_tative blood test where my hcg was just 30 at 5 days late. I started bleeding a week later. I am sorry, but this has been my experience. I would definitely have a blood test to confirm though, because it is not uncommon for a hpt to be wrong and a blood test to come back with very good hcg levels. Did you try any other hpt's yet besidedthis one? I definitley would, this test is not always accurate for everyone. I recommend the Clearblue easy and the Accu-Clear which seems to pick up hcg levels lower than the test says (50mIu's). Please let me know............



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