IUD Pregnacey

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chris - August 25

has anyone had a postive pregnacey test with an copper IUD. I am starting to worry I have taken 4 different tests some with two in a pack and they all come back postive this is like my worst night mare I am in my early twentys with 3 childern of my own. I called the doctor but he couldn't fit me in for another week. Does any one have any advice would be greatly apprecciated. thanks


josi - May 1

I personally have a copper iud too, for 2 moths now. I had it put in on 2/23/08 with my period. My last period was 3/26/08. I haven't had my period in april. Can i be pregnant. I am very regular. Lately what is happening is that i am getting sick alot. Any advised. Very concern about this situation , I already have two beautiful girls. 8 years and 2 . But if i am pregnant i will so happy.


josi - May 1

I did to 2 test. They come back negative . i will wait 2 more weeks to see want happens.


mjvdec01 - May 1

Chris, it sounds like another pregnancy would be very difficult for you. I am genuinely sorry that this isn't a happier occasion for you. Do you have any family nearby that you can talk to? Are you married, can you talk to your husband? I'm around too if you need someone.


Sabrinabird78 - May 2

Hi Chris, I had a Copper IUD put in Jan. 2005 and had it for 2 years. One day I felt ick and decided to take a test and YES - it can be positive. I know you didn't want to hear that but seriously, IUD pregnancies are becoming more common. I actually miscarried 3 weeks later. And then the IUD expelled itself (VERY PAINFUL) 2 months later. The best advice is to see your Ob asap, It sucks that you have to wait a week. The scenerio there is that they will either try to remove the IUD for the sake of the pregnancy or determine if it can stay in the uterus until delivery. Either way the choice sucs. If you decide to have it removed (if they can) you have a string chance for miscarriage since they have to dialate you to get it out. Or if you leave it in, they will moniter you very closely for other complacations. Im sorry this is so tough for you. The IUD is suppose to be our peace of mind, and the companies are grossly lying to us. If you research it, this is happening alot here. I chose not to get another one after mine came out. I was in the shower and all of a sudden got these cramps, back cramps and pain. It made me double over and then without warning the IUD delivered itself. Talk about YUCK and OUCH ! I was p__sed ! That thing cost alot of money. And a Baby. Good luck to you. I wish you the best. Let me know if I can help you any.



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