Jealous Friend

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kendriak - March 13

Hi ladies. I know this is off of the subject but its really bothering me. I just found that I am pregnant and I am so excited. I called my best friend who is like a sister to me to tell her the good news. She is an attention getter who really wants to be pregnant. We both have other children. She hates to know that anyone is getting attention other than her or her son. We were having a discussion about my bf being irresponsible and she told me that she was tired of hearing about me being pregnant and I should go have an abortion. It really hurt my feelings and I haven't talked to her since. How should I handle this? I would have never told her to do anything like that if she was pregnant. I want her to be there for me and the baby but I can't imagine talking to her knowing that she is so jealous of me.


mjvdec01 - March 14

That is horrible. I could never say something like that to anyone. I would call her back and ask her if she really meant what she said, if she says yes then I would find it very hard to continue the friendship. Chances are she feels awful about having said that to you. Give her a chance to take it back and mend the friendship if possible. Be sure to let her know how much what she said hurt you. Let me know what happens. Try to be happy about your pregnancy and after you talk to her let it go and focus on your baby. Congratulations.


lakensmom - March 21

Sorry sister...but a true friend would never treat you that way, instead she would be happy for you no matter what. I'd drop her like a bad habit. Sorry!


angelmamma329 - March 21

Hey, you're friends will Lilly too? Huh. Small world. First, congrats on your pregnancy! Second, I have the exact same frriend and sometimes it is very hard to deal with her self-centeredness and constant need to for ALL of the attention. It drives me batty. And she wonders why I'm her only friend. Let her know that she hurt you, and see what she says, otherwise, forget her, you don't need the stress and she probably needs you more than you need her anyway



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