Keekee Lori Catherin Amp All Who Are 2 Months W Neg Test

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Tiffany - May 10

Hi Everyone! I've been trying to post to "Ultrasounds Negative" but for some reason the system will not let me :( But I have been reading and keeping up with you all. I finally got a clue to start a new post since, that's about all I can do. Lori, at this point I can read you like a book. Because you're just a few weeks earlier than me :) I tried and tried to tell myself I was not preg but my body refused to listen and now my mind is doing the same. I went back and forth till week 23, when I first felt sensations in my belly, and my normal 7 day period changed to 10 days. I don't take anything and have never taken birth control. All I can say is try to eat right, it will be good for your body anyways. That's what I did and I'm glad I did. I actually worked with a diet_tian to help me get into shape. I am 5 feet and weighed 180 when he weighed me on 2/4/05. I now weigh 167. So I've been losing weight, eating healthy and more than before. Continuing to feel pregnant. Well, my belly has officially popped out (week 26 now) and I can no longer wear my jeans, size 12 which I fit into at 180lbs. They fit everywhere but the belly. I can button them but my stomach starts huring so bad I have to take them off. I also can no longer were my "fat jeans" that I wore when I weighted 195lbs, several years ago. AND let me add, all these pants are stretch jeans. I tried the "fat pants" on and literally had to undo the button. I also cannot wear my underwire bra. My stomach pops out and it digs into it causing pain. I forced myself to wear it the other day because I had to go to the post office and I was not going brasses seeing that I am pretty large on top to begin with. Anyways, I could barely breath. I took the wires out and still the bra is too much for me. I work out of my home and have been going braless since Feb! At this point I am not ready to get maternity clothes because I just can't until I have movement that I can't deny is a baby. I wear a couple set of pajama bottoms that are very soft and stretchy every day. I feel things everyday in my belly, especially after I eat and I still listen to what sounds like a heartbeat on my bebemonitor, almost every night. I still have the dark line from my br___t bone down over my belly button to my pelvic bone and sometimes I feel my heart pounding very quickly in my belly under my br___t. My friend who would be the father, if I am preg. is coming to stay with me in a few weeks. I haven't seen him since November and I told him my period started in December. I haven't told him anything else because he got worried the first time when I though I was pregnant in December. I don't know what to do. I want to see him but I know when he sees my belly, he is going to think I am pregnant and I have even lost 20lbs since I last saw him. Of course, I will keep you all informed even if I have to start a new post each time. I think I will send an email to them to see why it won't let me post. Lori, did they measure your uterus? I'm kind of shocked if they didn't. I would think they would want to know the size, especially if you have a fibroid, because that would tend to make it bigger. It seems like they would want that measurement so they have it for comparison, in the future as they monitor the fibroid. Did you get a copy of the printout? BABY DUST TO ALL :)


Catherine - May 11

Tiffany, we've been wondering what happened to you! That's so weird you couldn't post to the other thread. Anyway, girl you are pregnant!!!! Have you been able to see the doctor? They can't deny the heartbeat you are hearing on your bebemonitor. I know exactly how you feel with regards to the clothes- I am only a size 2 normally, (I am only 5'2)but I can't b___ton any of my pants up to size 6 without a lot of discomfort. Right now my b___bs are just aching and I am extremely uncomfortable!!!!! Tiffany I dont' know what to say but I am convinced you are pregnant and I hope you can get an ultraosound to see your baby soon. Keep us updated!! We are all in this same boat together!!!!!!


KEEKEE - May 11

Hello...Last night some brown discharge showed up. I think its old blood.....UGHHHH!!!! It's terrible...Yuck!!!!....I have no pain or blood.......Pregnant or not, I just want answers!!!! Friday hurry up...heehee... Who is everyone??? Hey, Catherine did you ask for a u/s picture?? Did you have another doctor look it over? Try that or get another U/S.........Let me know whats up!!!


Catherine - May 11

Keekee, yuk I hate that stuff too. Well, at least you still have no AF! Girl, I think you're pregnant, and I hope you get some clear answers Friday. What tiime is your appt? We're all in suspense! No, I didn't ask for a picture, I should've. I am going to wait a little bit, do another test. possibly rent a Doppler, and then pursue the Dr. route again, already been down it 4 times....... Anyway, all of you let's hurry up and get BFP's!!!


T - May 11

This is same thing happening to me. I went from no period for 3 months(since Nov.) to spotting after having s_x with my bf, to bleeding for about 10 days(normal is 4 to 5 days) this month. I cannot fit into my clothes I could wear 2 weeks ago. My stomach is growing and I have gotting 6 neg. tests. I definitely feel movement in my stomach(that is not gas, I feel gas to) I have never felt before or I felt this when I was pregnant the first time. I am afraid because that I am going start hurting and the baby will start coming. I hope it is something else.


KEEKEE - May 11

I think you would know if your are aleast 6 months pregnant. Did you ask for a ultrasound? Have you been to the doctor yet? let me know


KEEKEE - May 12

Hi Girls. I am very nervous about tomorrow. My appointment is at 11:30am. When I get home. I will post..........Smooches


Catherine - May 12

Keekee, let us know as soon as you get home tomorrow!!! I hope you get an exam, a Doppler, and/or an ultrasound! I am totally in suspense for your appt. I just hope you get answers- a BFP tomorrow!


Lori - May 12

KeeKee GOOD LUCK!!!!! May you have all the luck that everyone claims they lost on Friday the 13th! I hope it will be your lucky day! I know how nervous you must be - I felt that way before my ultrasound and then felt like c___p afterward! I hope you visit has a MUCH happier ending than mine! I am still just hanging in there. I have a conference to go to tomorrow out of town, but I will be thinking of you!!!! *HUGS* and BABY DUST*****


tiff - May 12



Tiffany - May 12

Hi Everyone!!! I'm back!!! I can post now :) Someone told me that other people had probs with using AOL and to switch to Internet Explorer. It worked. Keekee I will be praying for you and if you get an ultrasound done than don't let the tech intimidate you :) try and see the screen and have them look in your uterus and measure it, I wish I would have done that ... and don't be embarra__sed to tell them how far along you are. Wishing you the best!!! I had the coolest thing happen today that I post in a new question but basically someone asked me what I was going to have!!! I wasn't wearing maternity, just stretchy and baggy clothes. I told him he was the first to ask and he said he knows these things because he is a father of 5! I told him I hoped it was a boy! It was so exciting!


KEEKEE - May 13

Hi, Well I just got back from my appointment. I looked like I had a m/c. The u/s showed a sac without a heartbeat and baby. I wrote a post under pregnancy signs with the whole story. thanks for all your prayers.


Catherine - May 13

Keekee, I am so, so sorry. I know this is a hard day for you. We're here for you- I can't even imagine what you feel like, I'm so sorry. Please let us know how you're doing and I hope you will be feeling much better soon. Thank you for updating us- and keep updating us! You're in my thoughts and prayers, for real. All the best to you and your family, I think that's wonderful you have two boys. Enjoy your husband and your family and let us know if there's anything we can do to help you.


KEEKEE - May 16

Ok Tiffany, I have been thinking about you. I have so much to say.Here it goes. A heart rate of 160-170 is of a baby. I know b/c I have been pregnant before. Our heartbeat can't get that high. All you talk about sounds like pregnancy. Do you feel movement? I may have miss you saying that. You say you are 27 weeks. Have you ever thought about going to a emergercy room. Do you live in the United States? If so, that appointment could be paid by Healthy Start. That is why we pay taxes!! Right?? I feel you need to see a doctor/emergency room right away. A emergency room doctor can do a u/s and exam. Say you are having terrible pains and they will check your uterus. ........The dark line on your stomach is something that happens in the second trimster with first pregnancies. You are Pregnant!!!!! Please try to see a doctor. ............Holla Back!!!!



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