Last Period Jan 28 I Have To Be PREGNANT

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Roxanne - June 15

Hi My name is Roxanne, and I am 21. I have been trying sine October 2004 to have another baby. Me and my husband want another one, but it just seems impossible.. Well I was having my periods normal like usual, and then in Feb. 2005 I didn't get a period, but I spotted for an hour of one day of the month and it was around the time I was suppose to start my period and that went on for March, April, and May, So I finally went to the Dr. in May because I was starting to feel like a butterfly or bubbles in my stomach, and I gained a few pounds, and that isn't usual for me. I was taking home preg. test since Feb. and all came back neg. So when I went to the Dr. in May they gave me another preg. test and it came back neg. as well. So I went and took a blood preg. test (Qual) and that also came back neg. So I have been taking them every week, and still neg. This is so fustrating. I know I am preg. because I have every symptom, but nope.. all come back neg. I don't know what to do.. I feel all alone.. What should be my next step. I go to my OB on the 24th, so what should I do???? anyones opinion or answer would help. I am all alone on this. Everyone says I am because I look like I am. I have a little belly, but I am a little on the chunky side, but you can tell it isn't fat. I have to wear maternity bottoms. I couldn't have gained 12 pounds over that period of time.. I gained it to between now and Feb. Don't know what to do.. All alone! :(


-m - June 15

If you still feel you are pregnant, talk to your OB when you see him/her on the 24th about getting an ultrasound. That would give you a definate yes or no about beging pregnant and will ease your mind.


TRACY - June 15

Ask you doctor for and ultra sound of course im in the same position as you my last period was in january i had it for about a day and half in april but thats in , all my pregnacy test have been negative , i also had my tubes tied 4 years ago . but i still have not gone to the doctor. good luck and email me at [email protected] if you would like.


Roxanne - June 15

I will let you know how everything goes when I go to the Dr. because I would love to hear from you all as well. Thank you for responding and posting your opinion. I really appreciate it. Well I took another test and it came up neg. this morning. I will ask him for an ultrasound. Do you know how much they run because I don't have insurance, any idea?



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