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sooooooolost - October 12

Alright, i have a quick question. I have missed my period for the month of Sept. I received some spotting that lasted for about three days, a week before i was suppose to get my period. It was bright pink/red. I have taken three preg test. First two were from the 99c. store. The third one was a First Response. They all came back negative. I am still at aw because my period has always been the same, color and lasting of flow, and i have already started to feel symptoms but still NEG tests. Could it been that the spotting that occurred for me those three days, diff color as well, was considered my period? But in the mean time, i am waiting for about another week to get my " period " but what happens if it doesn't stroll around, what could that mean? Could it Mean that i am preg and home preg tests are use less or what? Could any one, going on 2 Mont's pregnancy, with a little bit of bleeding during your pregnancy still show a negative result on the tests? ANY ONE OUT THERE have a similar experience to mine??? Help


yes, no - October 13



Pipa - October 14

I have missed two periods and I have all negative tests as well. From the stories I am reading on this site I am finding that, yes, you could be pregnant despite the negative tests. The urine a___lysis (more sensitive) at the clinic was negative too. I have heard of hcg levels being so high that they give a false negative. I don't know for sure if I am pregnant or not. I am going into a clinic to get a blood test monday. Don't worry you're not alone this is happening to quite a few people. I don't know if you have read Mandy's story on the thread about "two months late, all the signs of pregnancy, negative everything" but she didn't know for sure until they did an ultrasound and found that she was almost three months prego. Gives me hope. I know that it's tough not knowing what's going on with your body. As far as having light bleeding, some people have periods all the way through their pregnancy so it doesn't mean much. Remember though there are other reasons such as stress that our periods can act funky. The last period I had started Aug 7 and that was a week late???? Good luck and stay in touch hope everything works out.


Pipa - October 14

Here is the link to the thread with Mandy's story it had me enthralled!



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