Late Neg Could I Still Be Pregnant

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Angel - November 14

I had ovarian drilling in june of this year for pcos. I was never regular before and soon after in august I had my first normal period. I had another one in september. However, I havent started yet. This would make me almost three weeks late. I took a hpt today and it was neg. I have all the symtoms and also have noticed stretching types of discomfort in my lower abdominal area. I have vomited in the mornings and tired all day long. I dont know know if its stress or if I am really pregnant. I hope Im not going back to my old ways of not having periods. Can anyone help please I need some answers! and some HOPE! thanks!


eva - November 15

got the hope but not the answers...have a blood test done... fingers crossed..


Angel - November 15

Thanks eva! I appreciate your input. I called my dr. this morning and they are on vacation til next week. I dont wanna go to the er cause theyre not very good there, and our health dept. does not do blood tests. Im worried, and want to know if I am pregnant. I need some advice??? Could you be 2 weeks late and it not be enough hcg to show on a hpt? Is this stretching, pulling discomfort a sign of pregnancy? And is it normal? Please help!!!


Sharonda - November 15

To answer your question, yes you can be 2 weeks late and not have enough HcG. Some women have delayed implantation and the hormone doesn't get detected until implantation. Good luck. The stretching an pulling are some encouraging signs.


Angel - November 15

I had some cramps around the time my period was due but it never came. Is it true that the cramps is what helps release the blood? If so, is it a good indication that I could be pregnant? I am getting a blood test next week but just kinda wondering now about what to think. I havent even had the slightest bit of spotting. Its been absolutely nothing at all. I just found that kinda strange. I thought Id at least spot or something with the cramps I was having. Any opinions??? Thanks!



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