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Thiri - March 26

Hello. My name is Thiri. On February 13, my period is started and it ended on February 15. My boyfriend ejaculates in me on February 16 and 17, but I took Plan B two days later. At the last week of February, I had the urine infection and kidney infection, causing me to have a high fever. On the day of taking antibiotics, I had vaginal bleeding that lasts for four or five days. Now my regular period is 10 days late. I also tested three times which came out negative. Should I worry? The month is about to over, and the period is not coming. Is it possible to be pregnant? But I feel like the light cramps and dry cervical mucus. I want to know what is wrong with me.


Grandpa Viv - March 28

Thiri, you probably had a withdrawal bleed after taking PlanB. That would reset your cycle. Your sex was not on the fertile window. There is little chance of pregnancy. 

Personal cleanliness is important for sex, and condoms are a real good idea. Lay down some expectations before you experiment more. Download a period tracker app so you know your safer days. 


gemi - July 8

hey Thiri!!! I am not confirmed but I think you are ovulating. I am not professionally doctor. But I have experience. But maybe you don’t. those medicines which you have taken causes this delay. Because these medicines secrete such hormones which slow down your periods. This happened to my sister. Her periods are 8 days late. She is saying to take her test. Now I will see and let you know what will be it. she is believing that it will turn to negative. I think you should do a home test. If it turns positive or negative, then consult it with your doctor. She will do you a blood test.


Moona - July 9

Hello there, Do not be confused or upset. Just consult with a doctor as soon as you can. I will pray for the best in your life. Just stay away from the bad clinics. Who have no good reputation. according to my opinion, you have low chances of pregnancy. So you should keep trying as well. Wish you very best wishes.


Moona - July 9

Hey Thiri, How are you? Hope all doing well. I am much confused about your condition. I think you have to take a complete checkup fro your doctor. It will be good for you. Hope all the things will better in your situation. You need to go to the best gynecologist. Hope you will get best. I wish you have everything.



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