Late Period Should I Take A Test

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J - October 7

I was supposed to get my AF 11 days ago. I took a test on the day it was due and it came out neg. I am now 11 days late, and I want to take another test, but I'm wondering if I should wait for the 2 week mark. I just went off the pill 2 months ago, so this could just be my body out of whack. Any input?? Should I wait?


J - October 7

OK - nevermind. I took a test and it was negative. After 11 days, I think it would have shown up positive by now. At least I can have piece of mind finally!


Tammy - October 8

I am 5 days late. And I have 2 other children. When I took preg. test with them they came out Neg. too. and at the time I was 6 week Preg. I do not trust store Preg. Tests at all. Go to the doctor if I was you. It can also be because you have gotten off Birth Controll not to long ago! Keep posted


Angela - October 8

Wow--you and I are in the same boat! I'm now 19 days late (only off the pill 2 months too), took my last test 7 days ago and was negative. My doc said to test each week until I either get a positive result or get AF. How long do I keep testing? At what point do I call my doc and demand a blood test?


J - October 8

I really don't know how long to keep testing. I haven't spoken to my doctor yet. Monday will be 2 weeks late, and I plan on caling if I don't get AF by then. Thanks for the advice to keep on testing. I guess it could take awhile - or I could just not be pregnant! I would be like 4-5 weeks by now. It seems weird that it wouldn't have shown up yet if I was. Keep me posted on what happens with you, and I will do the same.


reggie - October 8

I was once 3 weeks late and my test was neg. dont a__sume anything until you go to the doctor.


J - October 10

Hi ladies, Tomorrow is 2 weeks. I still have not gotten my period. All of this time I haven't really had any tell tale pg symptoms, but yesterday by b___sts started to swell, and now they are the size of Montana, and they hurt. A few days ago I felt pains in my lower abdomen where my ovaries are. It felt like I was ovulating - you know what I mean? I think I may have ovulated late and now my b___sts are swelling cause I may get AF. But in the meantime I took a test 4 days ago and it was negative. I think I will call the Dr first thing in the AM to get some blood work done. I'm going crazy here!


ree - October 11

I'm with you too J...I should be on my period and i am late almost a week. I took a test and it came back negative. So i dont know when i should test again. I never late and so i dont really know. Keep us posted okay and i'll do the same!


J - October 13

Hi Ladies, OK - I guess the tests were right. I got my period this morning! I am so happy to just know one way or the other. My husband and I weren't trying, so I would have been happy either way. I can FINALLY have peace of mind!!! Thank goodness.


JT - November 3

I am also about 2 weeks and I have not gotten AF yet. I took 3 tests alreayd and they all came out neg. I also had signs of sweeling b___sts and "cramps" over the weekend but still nothing. I guess I will wait another few days and take test #4...what do you guys think?


EM - November 3

I am 3 weeks late at the end of this week...I have taken 3 at home tests, all were negative. My mom said to wait untill I miss 2 then go to the doctor, she said she never even came out positive untill then, but that was well over 20 years ago, wouldn't you think home tests have gotten better since then? Although maybe its a hereditary thing for it not to shw up early too. I just want to know one way or the other!!


K - November 7

I was 2 and a half weeks late as of yesterday. I had 4 negative pregnancy tests and then I just got blood work done on friday so I'm supposed to be finding out the results monday but it turns out it doesnt matter now - I just got my period today. Very strange. I've never been late before.


Janet - November 8

I am also about a week late and have not started my period. My last period was the 28th of Sept. I have taken three preg. tests and all neg. What should I do? Any advice?


Laleche - November 8

Im in the same boat you are except Im 22 days late


Janet - November 11

Ladies it's already the 11th of Nov. and still no period I am at my fourth pregnancy test and neg. and still no period I have a doc. appt. today. I will keep you updated.


Janet - November 16

Ladies I have started my period. Now I can really relax.


Melissa - November 18

I'm only 9 days late, but I've never actually had s_x. I am just worried about all the other weird things that can happen on accident like him touching himself then touching me. But when I think about it, I cannot think of a time when that has happened. I am just one of those people that thinks "it will happen to me." Do you guys think I have anything to worry about?



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