Late Period Lots Of Signs But A Big Fat Negative HPT

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mg - December 9

I ovulated on the 24 or 25th, I should have recieved AF on the 7th or 8th. I keep taking HPT and they are negative. I have extreme sore/swollen sore br___ts, sick, tired and VERY mild cramping,but not even like menes cramping. What should I do, tommorrow I am 4 days late, I have never been this late. I dont even have ANY discharge at all with a cervical check (normally I do 2-3 days before AF) I am so depressed, DH and I have been TTC for 5 months now, what should I do? Has this happened to anybody else and ended up pregnant?


Chas - December 11

Hi Mg, i am in the same boat.. I am 2 days late now, but neg test. We have been ttc for a year now. I have hardly any symptoms of af or preg. I dont' know !! We are trying for our first, so i really don't know how it feels anyway. But I wish I could get a bfp if I am in fact preg !?!?!?!?


mg - December 11

A little research I found interesting :Sometimes a women can think she is late, becouse she may ovulate at a different time then normal. But one thing that does not vary is the luteal phase (the time from ovulation to menes) regardless of a womens cycle length this time frame will always be within 14-16 days (average +/- a day each month), so sometimes a women may think she late, but in reality based off the day she ovulated she probley really isnt late. So back to my situation I know for a fact that I ovulated on the 24th, (normally I would have ovulated on the 5th, so this was early for me.) I had very strong CM signs which dried up a couple days later. We bedded during these times. So I am currently 5-6 days late. My b___sts a VERY sore and swollen, I have been sick, tired and starving like crazy. I have been having cramps, but not like menes cramps, they are higher up like a 2 inch band below my belly b___ton all the way around to my back. Today they are not that bad, only if I sit for long periods of time. But I keep getting BFN. I have never been this late before, if I am not pregnant then something is hormonally wrong with me. If I am pregnant I think I implanted 3- 4 days ago. I have heard that some women do not get a BFP until 7-10 days after AF should have arrived. I am going to my MD this week if AF does not start. Funny my MD says that HPT are worthless, she has seen to many women with BFN, who were really BFP. Think about this- a HPT detects HCG levels at t >25 Miu (urine and blood), what happens if your HCG level is 23? It will show a negative, but you are very pregnant. She always orders a HCG quant_tative, which gives the true HCG number rather then just a yes or no. (sorry this is so long and technical, I work as scientist for a living) Chas do you know when you ovulated? Let me know, I am going crazy on my end waiting, if I pregnant I just want a BFP if not I just need my AF, but the unknown is killing me!


nicky - December 11

mg- i totally agree. i want one or the other. come on af so i can get started in next month ttc or give me the BFP. i too should have oed somewhere around the 24th. i should've started my period this week but nothing. i took a test tuesday BFN and i took one this morning BFN. who knows. let us know what the doc says. Good luck!


mg - December 11

This wait game is killing me. I really think that I might be pregnant, because I have never felt like this before, not even with PMS. I understand that sometimes a person can want a baby so bad they can fool themselves into thinking they are pregnant, but the way my body is behaving, its hard to believe this is made up. But who knows, I almost dont want to go to the MD, because I afraid to be let down.


mg - December 13

Well as of today I am 5-7 days late (depends on which day I think I ovulated 24th-27th), my MD agrees that I am definally late. My b___sts are HUGE, even my skeptical husband cant believe how big they are, I look like a p___n star LOL!! I still have VERY mild cramping, sick, and tired. This morning I took a very early pregnancy test, I looked at it after 2minutes, and threw it on the counter. I came back later, and there is a very faint pink line. Yesterday I let a different test same brand sit out for a couple hours and nothing developed. So I dont know what to think, evaporation line, or did I just not see my positive before I set it down. I just dont know.


megan - December 14

MG, wow a scientist exciting! baffling listening to all these stories on how the science in our bodies isnt working! anyhow i am 44 days into my cycle so lets say 14 days late my blood test at 3 days late was negative and even upto tonight my hpt's are negative, i think im PG but i have no idea i'm going nuts so i can feel your frustration im going to get my doc to preform more tests cause im due for another cycle soon! christmas is coming and i need to know for sure cuz well a gla__s of wine would be nice LOL! a baby would be nicer this is our first chance at conceiving after a m/c and im worried that that has had an impact on my future chances so to let you know theres lots out there like you! you're not alone in your woes and take care!


jazmyn - December 14

mg, i feel your pain. my last af was oct. 11th. i have been so busy i didnt even realize i was that late. i finally took a hpt the day before thanksgiving and it was a big fat - ! i still have no period, i have swollen very tender b___sts, very tired, have been so emotional my friends or boyfriend are not talking to me at the moment, i feel so bloated, i cant even fit into my clothes anymore. all of the research i have done says that i should be able to take a hpt nov 7th and get an accurate result, yet on the 23rd it was - . i have done a lot of reading on this post, and a lot of women say they didnt get positive hpts until well into their pregnancies. i have an apointment with my dr on thursday...(two more days and it feels like two years). if you are sure this is unusual for you, make a dr apt. i know it is not the response you are looking for, it wasnt for me either, but thats probably the only thing that will give you the most accurate response! best of luck to you.


KeriJean - December 14

I'm new here, but I read y'alls posts and I'm with ya. I'm only 18 (don't judge me please...i know I young....) and been ttc for about 3months, i just came off the pill in August. My last period started on Nov 2nd. so i should have had AF around the nov30th-dec2nd..still nothing and a negative hpt yesterday. I'm never late. I ovulated around the 20th and did the deed on that day and before and I don't know whats going to the doc. MG, i'm the same as you, affraid to go to the docs and being let down.


megan - December 14

MG- have you heard any news yet?? im curious, im still waiting for af or a pos pg test one or the other would be nice. hope to hear from you soon. im at day 45 now for my cycle and still neg tests. arrgh! take care


mg - December 14

Well I am waiting for my blood test to come back today, so the next hour it will take forever. Funny thing about science, my boss who is a well known researchers around the world says at certain point science just drops off the face of the earth, after that its just luck or faith. People put WAY to much faith in science LOL!!


sclark - December 17

yes, me too. my last period was on 10th November, so i'm over a week late. it's very frustrating as i have done about 5 tests, all negative. read somewhere that the hcg level doubles every 48hrs so how come i'm still getting neg results and if not pregnant, whrer's my d__n period. i'm never this late. lost a baby at 17 wks last year and that was awful. i've just ordered 2 tests that detect hcg at 10 instead of normal 25. if this carries on i'll need to buy shares in home pregnancy tests. it's ridiculous!!!


jlm548 - December 17

I'm in the same boat as jazmyn. My last period ended 10/13. Just took a hpt and it was neg. I've never been on the pill and my cycles have always been normal and I've NEVER been this late. Plus, No Insurance=No Dr. visit. Any ideas anyone?


jazmyn - December 17

jlm548....we are exactly in the same boat! i have no insurance either....but if you have a family planning type clinic/health department they should see you with no charge or a very small fee. that is where i went. unfortunately for me it wanst much help, except that i now know i am healthy so that takes that part of the equation out for me. the preg test they gave me was negative, but my dr still thinks i am pregnant. i just dont have enough hormones to show up on a pregnancy test. she wants me to abstain from s_x for two weeks, then come back and retake then. more than likely she said, i conceived right before i was supposed to start my nov cycle, and thats why i am not as far along as i first thought and that may be why i am not testing positive. also the other 'bad' thing about these clinics is they dont do blood tests so it will take us a while to get a more accurate response, my dr also said that these tests are just the same as store bought ones and that the level of hgc has to be relatively high in your urine for them to detect. anyway the only thing any of us can do is hurry up and wait. :-( best of luck to you!


adiie - December 17

I was actually 3 weeks PG before my test was poss. I tested on a Monday, thinking for sure I must be PG cause' I was 2 weeks late...NEG then I tested that Fri and Pos!!! Good Luck!


Shera - December 19

Well I am only 2 days late but I swear I have felt preg since ovulation. I had two days of light bleeding a week ago but that is it. I want to be preg so bad that after 5 negative tests I am trying to convince myself that its all in my head. I have had heart burn daily, nausea, tired, very sore b___sts and my stomach has started to bloat. I feel preg. am I just setting myself up for disapointment, this is the first time we are trying.


LT - December 24

I am glad I am not the only one sitting here frustrated! I am now two days late, and I have ALL the symptoms I had when I was pregnant with my son. I have now taken three HPT and all are a big fat NEGATIVE! With my son, I tested positive two days before my period. I dont know what to think. I am going in for a blood test on Tuesday. This sucks, becauses since tomorrow is Christmas, I was hopig to surprise my husband with good news. Now its a waiting game. I really wanted to be pregnant, so keep your fingers crossed for me.



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