Late Period Lots Of Signs But A Big Fat Negative HPT

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hopetobe - March 27

Hi People, it has been 9 weeks since i've had a period and I really want a baby. I'm keep on thinking i'm pregnant but all of the HPT keep showing negative (i've done about 5) one tonight still negative... my period is never late let alone 5 weeks late. My cousin thinks I should go to the doctor but what will they do?? Goodluck to all of you trying, i know it's hard, keep going.


SunshineSmilez - March 27

I need some help... I am currently b___stfeeding my 17mnth old son. I just got my period for the first time 2 months ago. I am very regular. My period was due 3/24 and still nothing. I have taken 5 preg tests with all bfn. My b___bs hurt and im always tired. My question is....Since im b___stfeeding.. is it possible for my period to go away again after i already got it 2 months ago and have been on point since? i want to be preggo, but i dont want to get my hopes up..


clindholm - March 27

Did you increase the frequency of bf since your last cycle? That would effect af.


Dee_L - May 17

Hi, I am going thru similar situation and thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask… My husband and I decided to have a baby, I was on the pill previously and stopped before my period starting 7th April. I finished my period, then a week later on the 18th it started again but was shorter and lighter than usual. Anyway, I was due for my next period 2 days ago. Still no sign of it. Over the last few weeks I have abdominal bloating, tiredness, feeling queezy and sick, sore tender b___sts and sensitive to foods (not liking foods I did before as I find they have too much flavour). I even have had a milk like substance secreeting from one nipple (though it was after s_x the first time, it happened again this morning without having s_x). I have 2 other children 6 and 8 years old so I’m not sure if it is related to that but giving that my milk dried up 6 years ago and this is the very first time it's happened since, I doubt it. I have done several home pregnancy tests and all have come back negative. i have tried 2 different brands as I read that the first brand may not be reliable. Is it possible I am getting false negatives? Or could all of this be due to going off the pill.?? Just hoping to get some opinions as I can't get in to my doctor for a few more days and can't stop thinking about it.... Thanks ;)


KatTark - September 15

Hi, I have had simular symptoms. I have not had my period since July and my b___sts have been SO sore and swollen that I can't sleep at night, I also have a bit of cramping but still no sign of my period. 2 neg HPT's as well.


jaort2 - October 1

hi i'm 1 week late(though have been late before-not always regular periods), 2 negative tests, no symptoms of pregnansy. Usually i get all bloated 3-5 days before a period, not now- pretty flat tummy. Going to the doctor tomorrow.


trish70 - January 30

Hi in a similar situation as you...From even b4 AF was due, I started to feel "different"..have taken several test all show BFN...Was on pill so stopped taking them and spotted for only 1 day...yet I have been having cramping different to AF, then had st_tch like pains either side of ovaries, sore b___sts and nipples, gone up a cup size, lower backach, bloated, queasy but not nausea all the time, going from insomnia to sleeping all the time, cant have anything pressing on stomach as feels uncomfortable, and they just keep increasing as time goes on..had blood test which said hcg level was "under 25" dr said thats a neg..I have now insisted on another test but the quant_tive one to show exact hcg. I also have appt to have a scan.I still think i am...SO keep positive..and go with ur gut..keep insisting until proven otherwise...


trish70 - January 30

Sorry forgot to add..Can anyone tell me wat hcg under 25 means??? Does it mean i am between 5 and 25?..Dr said under 25 is cla__sified as a neg yet i have seen anything over 5 is a positive..As of today I am 3w and 2 days late...


amms87 - February 15

Hi everyone, I am new to the site... seems like alot of you might understand what I am going through. Im not sure if I am pregnant. I am 21, on mycrogynon and got last period in late december. During late december I had been very irregular in taking my pills, missing afew towards the end.. I am still waiting on my period almost 2 months on tuesday. When I missed my first one, I took both hpt and got blood test both negative. I decided to wait to go back on pill till i got my period, and my husband and I have been using withdrawal method. I am not feeling sick, do not have sore b___sts, but Iv had headaches and very slight cramping, and my b___sts have been sensitive, my clothes also feeling quite tight. The other day I had a severe cramp early in the morning, along with the biggest nervous feeling, but I had no more after that. I have a feeling I am preg, but my husband really thinks I'm not... Can anyone help?? Am I or not? Could I have miscarried? Im seeing doc on tuesday for another blood test....?? I just hate the wait not knowing!!!


asiya - February 15

trish what hapened on your scan do tell us abt that, and amms my situation is same like u my last perios was on 29 dec and im still waiting for my periods i have cheked 4 times hpt and 1 time blood test and all r negative ,actually i have been trying to pragnant from last year this time i feel that im pragnant bcos its never happened to me before to missed a period but all the results r negative how long i have to be wait for positive result ,keep posting ladies wht happened with u when u go to the scan or blood test , it will really help to other ladies ,


amms87 - February 15

bahh, just did another hpt and it came up negative in seconds! Argh but my period still hasn't arrived, been waiting 2 months, something still doesnt feel right


asiya - February 16

actually we all r in same boat just dont worry dont be dishearted i know it is a very stress full moment for those ladies who r experiencing this situation , just hope for the best ,every thing will be all right soon , this time u just have to pray that every thing will be fine , now a days i just forget every thing just calm down cos we cant do any thing and keep the finger cross.


amms87 - February 20

Hey everyone.. I got my blood test results today, and it was definitely negative.. but my doc thinks there is a high chance of me having PCOS...


asiya - February 20

hi amms did ur doctor checked that u r having pcos i mean did they done a scan or just they think that u r having pcos .


amms87 - February 20

umm the whole pcos thing came up last year caus I gained some weight (I am usually skinny and healthy) and an ultrasound was done then but it was inconclusive, its what he thinks it could be, but im getting an ultrasound on thursday, do you know much about it?


the unexpected - July 16

my bf an i want to have kids - so we tried when i was ovalating - well long story short, ive been having some symptoms, sore nipples, throwing up and mood swings where i feel like everything i do is not good enough to feeling lonely to just crying for no reason - AF was due on the 12th and here we are on the 15th and nothing.. i have cramps like AF is on the way but never shows and i sleep a lot.. ive tried 3 HPT and they have stated im negative.. i was wondering if this is normal? ive read some ladies have had to wait for a week - i should go to the doctor but my life is crazy during the day with constant running around.. i know i should be taking it easy incase if i am but that is not really an option unfortunately.. im wondering if maybe AF is just late, but nipples keep getting tender by the day and i usually never eat when i wake up but lately ive been feeling like im starving.. im wondering if maybe this is just all in my head and AF is just playing tricks on me! haha



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