Late Period Lots Of Signs But A Big Fat Negative HPT

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the unexpected - July 16

my bf an i want to have kids - so we tried when i was ovalating - well long story short, ive been having some symptoms, sore nipples, throwing up and mood swings where i feel like everything i do is not good enough to feeling lonely to just crying for no reason - AF was due on the 12th and here we are on the 15th and nothing.. i have cramps like AF is on the way but never shows and i sleep a lot.. ive tried 3 HPT and they have stated im negative.. i was wondering if this is normal? ive read some ladies have had to wait for a week - i should go to the doctor but my life is crazy during the day with constant running around.. i know i should be taking it easy incase if i am but that is not really an option unfortunately.. im wondering if maybe AF is just late, but nipples keep getting tender by the day and i usually never eat when i wake up but lately ive been feeling like im starving.. im wondering if maybe this is just all in my head and AF is just playing tricks on me! haha


sabs - August 2

Hi everyone, im new to this forum, and so confused. My cycles are regular and im never more then a day late. my HD and i are ttc for the last 3 months. however my af was due on 31st July and its still not arrived.I know i ov'd on 16th July as i had cramps on my left ovary and i the ovulation test, showed positive too. i have done a number of HPT's and they have all shown negitives. Despite the disappointment iv been getting frequent headaches,strong sense of smell, twinges in my uterus and very frequent the point that ive been 7 times for a pee today already! can anyone provide any though? greatly appreciated sabs x


elizabethheen - June 6

I am 5 days late . more Tire. My Boobs went up a cup size. I have been the same size for years. The hungry feeling . Headaches . Could I b pregnant ???? Help


Jennijean - March 25

Hi mgsgirl, I was on Femara and also 26 day cycle. I am now on day 30 with no period. Just curious as to what happened with you. Did you finally start or are you pregnant? I have cramping and lower back pain. Feel like I'm going to start but nothing. I did read online that a lot who took Femara did have delayed periods. So thinking maybe it's normal ? ...


Octoberbaby31 - March 9


hello all, I am very new to all of this! I am currently 11 days late- I think I may have "O" late, my cycles range from 28-33 days, on the 27 & 26 I had very light bleeding then nothing for two days, that Friday and Saturday I had some spotting brownish/pinkish, I was very confused but chalked it up to me having a cyst on my ovaries, I began to feel very pregnant that whole week experiencing just about every pregnancy symptom. But thought its probably a cyst. I went to the my Dr he following Monday 3/6/17 he said my ovaries looked great and that he wanted to get a blood pregnancy test done, he was very positive i was pregnant, well I got the results and it was 1 hcg level. He then told me if I still dont start my period in a week to give him a call. Well im now considered 11 days late, yesterday I took a hpt with the very slightest second line - blue dye so that could mean nothing, today (not FMU) I used a dollar tree test and BFN.  Every day my bbs are getting more and more tender , also I am eating things I never would I have been having to urinate every 30 mins and ALL PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS BUT STILL BFN - My Fiance and I are not ttc but if it happens we would be happy- we also BD alot this passed month almost everyday sometimes multiple times a day. He seems to think I am, but all these BFN are driving me crazy- Please any advise or thoughts are greatly appreciated. Much Thanks XOXOXOXOXO



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