Link Between Age And Testing Negative

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karina - April 12

Ladies...a lot of us who have all the symptoms and are testing negative seem to be in our mid to late thirties? I'm 37, anyone else? We have to do our own research since dr's seem to be incapable of understanding anything that doesn't come from the "textbook" .


rozlynn - May 25

Hi Karina, I have spent the last couple of hours reading one of your threads with interest. I am 47 and spent the last couple of months wondering if I am pregnant. I have always had regular periods. My last period was week commencing 6 Feb 06 and was an unusally light one. Never really gave it much thought until March pa__sed by then realising I never had a period in March. I did a home preg. tst which was neg. At that time I just a__sumed I was not preg. and thought perhaps my periods had stopped. I did have evening sickness back in March and put it down to a bug. I have felt extremely tired and exhuasted and this has been commented on. I have a bump above my groin which seems to be growing and need the loo more often. I am also sensitive of smell. I did a second home preg. test on 15 May and again this was neg. I just dont know what to think. If I am preg. I will be roughly about 15 weeks now and concerned that I should have some important checks. My b___sts are bigger and have blue like threads in them which I never had before and white pimples around my nipples and for the first time today they are tingly. I have finally got a GP appointment next week. I have put off going to the GP in case I am being stupid and its all in my head and perhaps it part of the menopause plus there will be negative feed back with regard to my age. I wonder how you are doing Karina? and I would like to hear from anyone in the same position.


karina - May 25

Hi Rozlynn...thx for reading the threads. I've moved to a yahoo group that was started to deal with women who think they're preg but testing neg. If you go to and click on groups, our group is hcgfn You should join us.


Clarissa23 - May 25

i am 23 and have had this problem with each pregnancy ...the first when i was only 18,.... so i dont think age is a factor


rozlynn - May 26

Hi Karina will do and Clarissa23 thanks thats interesting.


madmae - May 26

I was 24 when I tested negative for 10 weeks with my daughter. There was nothing different with that pregnancy compared to my others. If anything it was a little easier to start with as I really didnt have that many symptoms at all.


Bethy - June 1

Did it really happen with each of your pregnancies madmae? i'm 23 and i've never been late in my life and now i am a week late and have had 3 neg mum had this problem when she was prego with me...2 neg urine and 1 neg blood test. i always wondered if it was genetic



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