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wondering - February 26

Does anyone else have long cycles including long luteal phases? I am currently on 23dpo, and no sign of af. The worst part is, I still have 3 more days before it's my longest luteal phase! Everything says that it's only the first part (follicular phase) of your clyle that varies and makes your cycle long. Not me! Both parts of my cycle vary, and both parts are long. Does anyone have some insight on this?


wondering - February 27

Well. . . now 24 dpo.


wondering - March 1

Well, maybe none of you have long cycles????? Today I am 26 dpo--this is the longest I've gone before. I am going to call and ask the nurse if I can come in for a blood test tomarrow if no af. . . . . .does anyone have any experience with this?


HannahBaby - March 1

your question is kinda confusing and if no one has same problem as you , they may not understand what you are saying...like me.....My advice if you think that you are pregnant take a home pregnancy test...most doctors wont give a blood test if you dont have a positive home preg test.


wondering - March 1

Oh, I am sorry. I didn't realize that my question was confusing. Folicular phase = day 1 through ovulation. Luteal phase= after ovulation through start of bleeding. They say that the luteal phase is supposed to be constant in length (i.e 14 days--that's what everyone means by the 14 dpo--and then af starts). . . . . . Oh, but thanks for responding. hpt don't work for me. I have to get a blood test. I think I'm probably not pregnant, but you can't be careful enough with these things, right?.


wondering - March 1

Well, the nurse called and said I can get my blood test any time I want this week or next. I'm trying to wait because most likely as soon as I get my blood drawn (and a bill started), af will come. It's hard, though because I've already waited 26 days since ovulation. My cycle before last, I went 26 dpo until af came (and that was the longest in as long as I know). Perhaps I'll wait until Friday (28dpo--a full 4 weeks after ovulation!!).. . . . . Does anyone have experience/comments/advice?


wondering - March 2

ever feel like you're talking to yourself?? LOL!!!!! Anyway, no sign of af today. Just that cervix is firm, but closed. Only lotion-like CM. I'll go for my blood test tomarrow.


wondering - March 2

I wish someone could respond! Are my questions still unclear? If I had to bet, I'd probably say I'm not pregnant--because I've had 2 times in the past that I incorrectly thought I was. However, I've never been this late post ovulation before, and it's SO hard not to think about it! I just need to be calm and wait until tomarrow--the BIG 28 DPO!!


wondering - March 3

I'm not sure why I am posting here since it's basically a one-sided conversation, but I guess it helps me sort out my own thoughts. Today is 28 dpo and no sign of the witch! had my blood drawn this afternoon. I should get my results by tomarrow the latest.


babyloves2play - March 8

Let me know what you find out. I'm interested. I have long cycles but everything about them varies. I took clomid which only seemed to make them more variable. I couldn't even pinpoint when I ovulated......thinking sometime between cd 17 and cd 20this cycle. So right now I'm at least 6 dpo. You really do have a long luteal phase. How long does each of your cycles usually last? I've gone up to 42 days before.


wondering - March 8

Thanks for writting! This is my longest cycle--I am now 4 1/2 weeks post ovulation! I don't know what's wrong. My hCG level was <3 BFN!!!! Oh, well I've decided I'll just have to wait awhile and see about getting an appointment with the GYN. I want to find out what he can tell me about my fertility status.


megan - March 23

I went to 23 dpo before AF arrived this month. I have had consistent 13 day luteal phases in the prior months, but not this time. Let me know what you find out.


wondering - March 24

Meagen, I really haven't found out much lateley. But, look up persistent luteal cycsts (Halban's syndrome) . I think that explains a lot of the women on here with late af's and symptoms, but not pregant. It's something that can come and go each cycle.******As far as me, I have an appt with an OG/GYN that I really like soon. I just want to get his advise. My last cycle went exactly 5 seeks post ovulation--and ovulation was at CD 19! This time however I seem to have ovulated at CD 10-12 (one of those days--not sure because I wan't looking for it yet, and was very surprised). Maybe my longest cycle yet, knocked things into place. Who knows, maybe I'll have af at 14 dpo and actually have a "normal" cycle.******Have you found anything out?


rjmanning - April 2

Wondering, this sounds exactally like me. My luteal phases vary! And they are very long. I am 26dpo. My Fol phases are usually the same...I think so anyway. How do u know hpt don't work for u? Just wondering if I could have this problem too.


wondering Lala - April 3

Hello--No, sorry I haven't found anything out yet. I know what you mean, though. It seems very confusing. What I mean about the hpt's, is that I've had a total of 4 different brands (2 at one time the others at other times) in the past test false positive. I know, I know, they all say it's not possible. I had it confirmed with-in 2 hours with a blood hCG of 0! So, what's the point of taking them anymore.? best to you!


babyloves2play - April 3

Well, I have just come to realize that I didn't ovulate around cd 21. I'm ovulating now at cd 52. Temps on the rise, abundant fertile cm, and dark positive opks the last two nights (equal lines the two nights before that). So I should either get a pos. hpt or get af within the next two weeks. I'm ready to either be preggo or get this cycle over so I can start trying again with my next cycle. Best wishes & Babydust!!!*~*~*


hoping4bpf - October 7

omg i have the SAME problem. My luteal phase is 20 days and I cannot find an answer ANYWherE] i called my nurse and she said she will send a note to my doctor because she doesnt know....scary because if it it was common she would know right? UGHH i am on DPO 15 today and AF due anytime between FRIDAY and MONDAY...



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