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morphiastar - April 29

I was on depo for 6 months, stopped it, got a regular period right after now this month have not had one. on the day i should have gotten it i had a TINY bit of pink and brown discharge. I am tired, peeing more, emotional, and can express milk from my br___ts although i have not nursed in over a year; almost a year and a half. this same exact thing happened to me when i got pregnant with my 2nd child. the pg test i took at the clinic was neg. with my 2nd child i did not test + until i was 7 weeks along. i want to get get hpt and try again tomorrow. has this happened to anyone else? i think i am pregnant, but hate waiting this out!! :)


libby76 - April 29

Hi morphiastar....I am only 5 days late for my period so far, but I have done numerous test and have had feint positives and at the DRs I got a negative. 2 days after my period was due (24th) I had a dischrge mixed with blood wich I noticed after going to the loo and wiping myself (sorry tmi)....so don't know whats going on. I am going to test again next week and see what that says. I feel pregnant, I have a few symptoms like tiredness, peeing non stop, tender b___sts, and they seem really full (if that makes sense).... Wishing you all the best and good luck...let us know how you get on....


morphiastar - April 29

oh thanks libby...ya, i just took another one. i know only the next day after dr's test, but i couldn't wait. it was negative. must be too soon to tell. i am going to try to wait another week. its so hard waiting!! i'll keep you posted.


zoelouise - May 4

It's very stressful and nerve racking.... You think you losing the plot there's so many women like yourself going thur this i am 5days late now and neg tests i take urine smaple to be tested monday and get results bk tuesday so fingers crossed i am having all the cla__sic pregancy syptoms....I f you go under Q&A.. general pregnancy questions you will see my name in trish and her question where all the women gone that tested negative read on there they going thru same as you hope this helps hun xxxx


Saird - May 6

To libby and morphiastar- I want to know if you are pregnant! I have asked this question on several threads and no-one answers me! I've had the pinkish and blood-streaked Cm as well (something I never get) and can only attribut it to pregnant- but I haven't got a positive test yet. I am on CD 44. Let me know your updates!


morphiastar - May 6

I started my period the other day. 2 weeks late. Not pregnant! :)


Ivette69 - May 7

The same thing is happening to me. I started depo provera in november and I only took depo for 3 months and then after that I had a regular period ,and now I am a month and 6 days late . I got a blood test done and it was NEGATIVE and also a hom pregnancy test and it was also negative. I dont know I f I am pregnant or not ,but I am very worried.


morphiastar - May 7

maybe you;ll start soon. i totally thought i was pregnant too, but am having a normal period now....



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