Lost And Possibly Preggo Worried To Tears

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Noi - April 22

Ok, I posted once on someone elses' post but i thought i should make my own. I am just married and 18, and I think I am pregnant. I had unprotected s_x on my wedding night in november and since then I have not had a regular period. I had an examination around the first week of december and the ob/gyn said that my uterus was very high and didn't think anything else of it because I the urinalysis was negative. A few weeks later I was constantly nausous and couldn't keep down food, I was given anti-nauseau medicine and it didn't do anything for me but then all of a sudden i stopped vomitting but was still constantly feeling sick to my stomach when I eat and sometimes even just smelled food. I still feel that way now. I have all the pregnancy symptoms and feel just so tired i don't want to do anything. I am not sure I want to be pregnant, I mean a child is a blessing but me and my husband are just settling down and i am going to school full time and not working. But he definetly wants me to be pregnant considering he is already 23 and loves kids. I have already had about 10 urine pregnancy tests and they have all came back negative. I even had one today and got the same result. I saw an ob/gyn today and she told me that a urinalysis was 100% sure way to tell if I was pregnant and considering i have been reading this site for a long itme i know that is not true. I even asked for a blood test and she said no and gave me a perscription to start my period, but that drug will also kill a fetus, So I am afraid to take it because i am pretty sure that I am pregnant, but a doctor won't even take me seriously cause I am so young. She kept telling me that it is normal that I don't have a normal cycle, but I have had a normal cycle since I was twelve. My stomach is bigger, but not really fat and hard, and i normally have a flat stomach. My husband even said somethign about it and I wasn't living with him for a while. I am so worried to take the medication and don't know what to do, I need some advice please. I am moving to michigan on Saturday from california to live with my husband who is so sure that i am pregnant that he said that only a doctor could be more sure. I am afraid I am imagining it, but i didn't even think it was a possibility until i realized how many periods i have missed. I did have spotting for not even one full day three different times. I have bigger perky nipples, with bumps and they are more sensitive. I have had a white substance leak from one of my br___ts. I need advice please help. And thank you for listening...hopefully i get some responses. Thank You ladies. ~NOI~ Baby Dust to all:...:~


Lisa - April 22

Hi Noi. To me it does sound like you are pregnant, those are cla__sic symptoms of pregnancy, and with the missing periods that is something you really need to have determined for certain. If the doctor you already saw will not do a blood test, go to a different doctor. Even if you have to go as far as going from doctor to doctor until one of them finally does a blood test, and/or an ultrasound, I would say that would be the best thing to do and I would not take those pills without knowing for sure. Also, I wanted to add that I myself am a 21 year old mother of 2, and am currently worried about being pregnant myself, and I have an IUD right now..so I am also as you said worried to tears...but I really hope helps. Best of luck to you!


Noi - April 23

Now I am even more confused.... I just started my period and it is very irregular so far. At first it was kinda watery and brown....didn't even know it was my period then all of a sudden there is bright red blood ont he blanket i am sitting on and then i go to the bathroom and it was all clmpy...I am sorry to use so much detail, but I am very confused and worried....I still think I am pregnant, but i don't know....I dop plan on seeing a dr in michigan and having a blood test and maybe an ultra sound.....but I would like input from anyone who might be of some use....I am worried and don't knwo what to do.....


Noi again - April 23

O and my period is normally due on the 18th of the month, but i haven't had it since november.....except the every now and again spotting. I have been worried all night though and then I had a bad cramping (which i normally don't get) and a pain in my hip so i put heat on it and then i found i was bleeeding. I reeally would like input...Thanks everyone


Lisa - April 25

Hi Again Noi. I would say if your period kinda came all the sudden and was clumpy like you described, then my best guess just from what you have said so far is that you were pregnant but are having a miscarriage. I have personally had 2 miscarriages so I do know what its like. I would definately still recommend getting a doctor to do a blood test. Hope this helps!


NOI - April 25

Hey lisa, my random period lasted like a day and a half...I am so lost, but I am going to go try to see another dr. Thanks Lisa..



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