Low Delayed Hcg Levels

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sarah - September 14

How common is it for hcg levels to rise or show up later in pregnancy? After taking several negative hpt's and still no period, I decided yesterday to go to the doctor to be sure. I chose a blood test, thinking the results would be almost 100% accurate. After telling me the test came back negative, the doctor said that the blood tests are "a little bit more sensitive" than urine tests. She told me to come back and do another test if I continue to miss my period. I'm 21 years old, have never been on birth control and have never missed a period. My last period was on August 1st. It's hard to believe I am pregnant due to the multiple negative results, but I don't understand where else some of the symptoms I've been having (mild cramping as if I were about to start my period earlier, excess clear va___al fluid, veins across my br___ts and white goosebump like bumps around my nipples) could come from. This would be my first pregnancy and I don't know what to expect. How many of you found out you were pregnant later in your pregnancy?


Julie - September 14

Sara, I have a very similar situation. my lmp was 7/24/04. I have had 2 negative blood tests and many negative hpts. I went back to the Dr. yesterday and he started me on natural progesterone (they give it to pg women who have miscarried multiple times so safe) for 7 days, it will either get period going or if i don't get period, then we will do further pregnancy investigation. I was hesitant at first, but now makes sense. It is called a progesterone withdrawal test. My husband is in medical field too and we looked it up, listed as the first thing to do after missed period. I too have never missed. Mind you, I'm not completely convinced I'm not pg too, have had all the same symptoms you listed plus queasiness. Hang in there, isn't the waiting and wondering torture? ps, I was reading what to expect when you're expecting and doing this is listed as a frequently asked question: people who have taken this progesterone just to find out they were indeed pregnant, so it must happen often, you're not alone :o)


Stephanie - September 14

Hi Sarah, to answer your question it is very common. I got pregnant the 1st time when I was 19. I had 6 or 8 neg HPT's after I missed my 1st period. It wasn't until I missed my 2nd period that I finally got a + blood test. I was going on 3 months before I found out. Now, my LMP was 7/8/04. I have taken about 10 HPT's & 2 blood test at Dr. all negative up until yesterday. I finally got a + blood test yesterday (did a urine test a little while later & it was neg.) So again it has taken about 2 1/2 months for me to test +. Believe me, I know how hard the waiting is but just try to stay positive & listen to your body! Good Luck!!


sarah - September 14

Thank you both, and congrats Stephanie!! If I am indeed not pregnant, I'm going to be soo skeptical when the time comes that I become pregnant for real. I understand some of the symptoms could be psychological, but some of them I just don't see how it is possible to create in my mind.



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