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rsltracey - December 21

VF eggs transfer was on 12/11/07. Just has blood test done today... was told it was a "LOW POSITIVE". The number was 31. I was very positive until this point. I've read most of the posts from earlier years. What do you recent folks think. Do I have a chance for a pregnancy? Never done IVF before... my sister & mother of course have given birth just fine. My gut tells me to just keep positive and not get too hooked to the numbers until they tell me it is a problem. What do you all think? ?


mjvdec01 - December 21

It hasn't even been 2 weeks, I wouldn't worry yet. At 12dpo my number was less than 25, and now I am 9 weeks. Try not to get fixated on the number. Good luck to you. Let me know what happens.


rsltracey - December 22

mjvdec01... yeah after a good nights sleep... i know you are right... it hasn't even been 2 weeks... i am no longer worrying and your note.. really makes me feel more positive about the whole situation. I'm relaxed... I'm back baby... thank you so much for your response. rhonda


mjvdec01 - December 22

Your very welcome. I wish you a Christmas BFP!!!!


rsltracey - December 22

mjvdev01.. what does BFP stand for... don't laugh.. nothing is registering... ha ha rhonda


rsltracey - December 22

Baby for Present.. i think i just got it... yeah that would be great... Merry Christmas


mjvdec01 - December 23

rsltracey, No, No, BFP stands for BIG FAT POSITIVE! Everyone on the forum uses it. Here's a few more... AF= aunt flow(period) DH= dear husband HPT= home pregnancy test MS= morning sickness LO= little one DS= dear son DH= dear daughter OPK= ovulation predictor kit DPO= days post ovulation CD=cycle day BFN= big fat negative O or O'ed= ovulated CM=cervical mucous CP= cervical position. I am sure there are more but I just can't think of them right now. If you write these down then maybe when you get into some of the busier threads it would help a little. If you want you could move over to the 'signs of pregnancy' forum, and join the WE AREN'T CRAZY thread. The ladies in there are wonderful and very knowledgeable. I am in there periodically as well. I check it a couple of times a day. The conversations in there are pretty constant, and it can be quite fun. Please come and check it out!


mjvdec01 - December 23

Oops, one mistake, DD= dear daughter.


mjvdec01 - December 23

FMU= first morning urine.


rsltracey - December 23

mjvdec01.. wow this is just a whole new world for me... but the knowledge and help has been outstanding... yes I have been poking around on other areas to see what interests me... I can't offer really anything to anyone as far as info goes yet.. because this is my first time at ivf and the whole pregnancy thing... but that will come later after I get some experience under my belt.. cool.. thanks for the lingo update... very helpful.


mjvdec01 - December 23

Happy to help! :o}


rsltracey - December 23

mjvdec01... cool... i will keep you posted on what happens.. have a great holiday.. rhonda


rsltracey - December 31

mfvdec01... i took a couple of days off from the internet. On day 15 my hcg number went to 169. I was pretty happy with that.


mjvdec01 - December 31

Sounds like everything is alright so far. When is your first ultrasound scheduled for. I had my first ultrasound last thursday and found that I am 2 days ahead of what we thought. Today I am 10 weeks 4 days and feeling pretty good. Are you having any symptoms yet?


rsltracey - January 1

mjvdec01... i'm still just seeing my ivf doctor. I have what they call the first OB SCAN set for WED, 1/9/08. I would imagine there will be more blood work, etc. done that day as well... i just hope they can see something at 4 weeks and 1 day (which will be next wed 1/9/08) on the scan.. i guess they wouldn't have scheduled it for then if it wasn't worth looking at... i'm hoping that all is okay.. .well as far as symptoms go... this is what I am having so far... tired at certain times of day... sore b___sts mainly during sleep (weird)... little snappy occasionally.. eating everything in sight... snacking all day long... i feel funny in my abdomen during the day... so this is my first time through anything like this... i guess these are symptoms... haven't really fealt sick yet... so if morning sickness is in the future let's be thankful it isn't here yet... although i'm wondering if that isn't the major indicator that everything is progessing normally? So did you scan go well?.. could they see anything? are they still kicking along and growing?


mjvdec01 - January 1

You won't see much at four weeks, but the doctor will be able to tell wether things are normal or not. You typically can't see the heart beat until atleast 6 weeks, and even that is early. As far as morning sickness, it usually doesn't show until about 6 weeks or so, so just wait, it will hit you. My ultrasound was perfect. I measure 2 days ahead of what we thought, so on thursday I will be 11 weeks. Only one baby thank god! The symptoms you mentioned are typical pregnancy symptoms so don't worry about wether you on track or not. I would say you are right where you should be in that department. I am from Washington state, just south of Seattle. Where are you from?


rsltracey - January 2

Thank you so much for filling me in on the symptoms... i feel pregnant.. but can't wait until next wed... to make sure things are going normally... i would be happy with one healthy little baby... but if we get twins..... I guess we will know next week... doctor put 3 blasts in... but wasn' t confident on the one... but the other two looked great... hey ... we love washington state.... We have been to Mt. Ranier and surrounding area.... we have been to Chehalis (msp?) (where ALASKAN camper is made).. when we were checking out campers some years back... I am from Seabrook Texas... it is near the Clear Lake and Galveston Bay outside of Houston Texas... Later this month we are supposed to be going to Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington for my husband's business... I love Washington State.. it is so beautiful with all the tall trees and mountains... I'm originally from Virginia and we would go to the mountains near Staunton, VA... i miss that... i miss the mountains... hey... congratulations on your ultrasound.. perfect scorecard... that is great... and one baby to go with it all... so you are 11 weeks this thursday.. and I am only 3 weeks and 2 days this thursday... so you have been down this road... cool.. so glad to hear that the symptoms are normal... and that i can expect the morning sickness at about 6 weeks... bring it on.. I really hope we get to washington state this year... i love a good trip... my husband will take care of business then we will take about 3 to 4 days for ourselves.. and explore either the Portland Oregon area or washington state.. i'm not sure.. he has been sketchy on the timeframe.. i will let you know what happens on the 9th for my scan... rhonda



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