Lynn And Lews Thread

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Lew - November 4

Hi there Lynn, Are you still doing ok? What are your thoughts. Mine has not come today:( I hope tomorrow, but we will have to wait and see. Have a great weekend. Are you still taking your expectorant? ttyl


Lew - November 4

Hey Lynn-- I found a nice site called: It has some wonderful stories and info on clomid use. I got so tired of hearing all the nasty stuff people post and so after looking up more data and info on clomid and it's effects on our bodies and the fetus and other stories...I am still going to go ahead with my clomid once it gets here. Yes, there are risks, but a lot of the risks (studies done) aren't any worse than not using it at all. Your side effects seem normal in comparison to others. And many of these women were on their 3 to 6 cycle of it's use. I only plan on 2 cycles of it. I think you are going to get pg this first cycle! We will just have to see about me. It might take me 2 cycles due to my cycle being messed up and getting off the bcp. But we will just have to wait and see. I just wanted to give you some rea__suring thoughts!!! Have a great weekend, and say a little prayer that my clomid comes before my cycle is to start. It has to be here by Nov 8 for it to be a go.


Lynn - November 4

Hey there Lew, I bd again tonight...i am still using robitussin and preseed (just in case there is HOSTILE CM) Anyway, If I get pregnant I will be happy!!!! I dont think I will get a litter...for the comment above.... if clomid caused LITTERS to happen then the FDA wouldnt have it on the market! On a much happier note....I am now in the waiting game...and only cramped a little today...nothing this evening so i figure I am good to go!!!! I bet yours will get here before the 8th!!! Hadnt it been near 8 business days? Anyway, ttys, :) lots of baby dust for both of us +++++++++++++++++


clomid is still on the market - November 4

becuase docotrs monitor those that are taking it and if you have to many folicles the doctor cancels your cycle therefore you do not have a litter. if you were as educated as you say you are you would know that.


Lew - November 4

Lynn-- today was 10 business days:( so I hope it is tomorrow. But I will be gone all day and so if it does come...I will get that little note that send me to the Post Office on Have a great week end and I will talk to ya Monday! Lots of baby dust to ya!!++++++++


Lynn - November 5

Good morning lew...even though you prob arent online, you can read it when you do get back on!!!! I am feeling really good today lots of energy and happy my temps are going up since the dip on cd thirteen>> anyway nothing else much happening will ttys :)


Lynn - November 6

Hi lew! I know your prob out of town this weekend....but I still like to type to ya!! Forget the energy I had yesterday cause today I had to take two 2 hour is zapped. I dont know why though...I never take naps etc. Usually when my daughter takes her nap I get the housework caught up get online etc. Not today. Its been like who cares if the dusting is not will be there for me later. My dh is like...are you ok? getting sick? Go ahead and take a nap honey i will watch our daughter(which is very sweet) Anyway, talk to ya on monday maybe!!!!


Lew - November 6

Hi there Lynn! Nice to read your posts! Sorry you are so tired. Maybe your body is working on something important and using more energy to do so...hint hint...lets hope it's working for you! Much baby dust and sticky power to ya! I have been dealing with a cold and so my temps are all messed up and I am worn out. I was so bumbed out yesterday cause the mail man didn't come to my door with my clomid:( I sure hope it comes tomorrow! If it doesn't come tomorrow, then I have to start a new pack of bcp just to get through however long it take to postpone my cycle from starting with the clomid. I had to double up on the bcp a few days and so I am short. I sure want it to come tomorrow!!! I am getting nervous, and excited all at the same time! How are you feeling other than tired? Are you having any other symptoms/side effects? You seemed to be having mild if any, huh. I want to start my process so bad. I don't know why I am being so's really not necessary, LOL. Any way, I hope all it well with you and I will ttyl.


Lynn - November 7

Good morning lew! I feel ok so far this morning..great temp went up another .5 degrees so from the dip its up almost 1 degree!!!! So now its still wait and see how long it stays up....of course I will prob test thurs or friday....dont know yet. When I was talking to my dad last night on the phone...he was like you sure have slept alot lately...are you growing to? And I just laughed cause I dont want anyone around to know till I am past 12 weeks or see heartbeat on ultrasound being that I miscarried my first pregnancy(which was twins--naturally) Ever since I started thinking about having children...a few years dad always told me that when I do get pregnant it will be with twins or more...I always laughed at him and said that he was crazy...that is until I was pregnant with twins. Then I was like...hey dad how did you know? Its weird I have to say. Anyway, when dh woke up this morning he rolled over and whats your temp is it up? (I thought, hey maybe what I have been talking about has been sinking in) lol I hope you dont have any side effects like me. That would be great. Hopefully you get them today!!!! I had hot flashes bad last night...sweating like I had been working out! But survived them! Are you taking anything for your cold? I stopped the robitussin and started baby aspirin..of course still taking folic acid. Anyway, I have got to get ready for work...ttyl :)


Lew - November 7

Good morning Lynn! That is so sweet about your dad and your husband too! I think the men in our lives care and at least "want" to know more than we sometimes can give them credit for, LOL. That is great about your temp. How soon do you think you could see a pos pg test? I know that even a faint line is pos unless something has interfered with the test, but I have never taken a test any sooner than a couple of days before I was due to have AF. I knew with both of my pg's that I was pg before the test would show it. My first, I was up all the time going potty and the second I was like that and had sensitivity to smells and was sick! But it's been so long, that I don't remember how soon I had the symptoms. When are you due to have AF? My cold is about over and that is making me happier. I don't want anything in the way with my clomid process. Lately there has been a lot of "baby stuff" going on around me...just silly stuff, like all over the T.V. (news, etc) or with family or stories, lol. I can't seem to get it out of my head:) I think my husband is getting antsy too... he is really being overly "mushy" and also seems to notice all the "baby stuff" going on around us, lol! I have "hot flashes" at night sometimes all ready, so I sure hope I don't increase the intesity with them after the clomid. Some times the way I sound on paper makes me feel so old, with all my hormone issues and all...but I really don't 'feel" old. I will be 36 on the 11th! I feel like now that I am past the "35" that I am in my "late" 30' sad:( (for baby making anyways). I sure hope my clomid gets here today and then I coud be starting by late in the week. I wish us both lots of luck and much baby dust! BTW- how long ago and how far along were you when you were pg with twins? what happened? Do you have only one child right now? Or more? Have a great day! I look forward to reading your next post. ttyl;)


Lynn - November 7

Hi lew....i was pregnant in august 2003 and miscarried we think identical twins...they were in the same sack. then one week later I was pregnant with my daughter that is almost 18 months old!!!! So I have one child. My af is supposed to arrive november 17th and I will start testing every other day starting wither this thursday cd 20 or friday cd 21. They say identical twins are a fluke and the doctors do not know what causes the egg to split..but I have read online that they think it could be exposure to xray radiation stuff like that...and when that happened i worked right above mri and the radiation would affect our computer screens...i worked on the floor above but i guess it would come through the floor...When i read that about radiation it hit to close to home! Anyway, now I do not work near radiation soooooo hopefully this time I wont have identicals but maybe fraternal or maybe one healthy baby!!!! I am still taking my aspirin every day...I cant wait to see if my temp goes much higher!!!! Did you get your mail yet...?


Lew - November 7

Well Lynn... I don't know...I didn't get my clomid in the mail today:( I had my last bcp today and because I had to double up, I am short a couple of days and so I was going to go and get another pack of bcp (just to delay my af) but AF came this evening. (she will come even if I am on the dang pill! I am so ticked at my dang hormones!!!) I was pretty down in the dumps today. I have decided that I will just let the af come (can't stop it) and hopefully I will get my clomid by Wed or at the latest Thurs. Otherwise, I will have to wait until my af next mo to start the clomid....I would be one month behind you so not a big deal...but I was really wanting to start this month. Well I am not going to let it get to me and will just have to wait and see if it comes by Thursday. I will keep you posted. If I started my spotting (on the heavy side of spotting- but not a flow) this evening, would I count today as cd1 or start tomorrow as cd1. I usually start in the A.M. of my second day off the pill, but this last bcp cycle got messed up a bit and I wasn't supose to start until Wed. and she is!!! What do you think? Have a good night and ttyl.


Lynn - November 7

I am sorry about af arriving early. I spotted the day before I started counting cd1..I counted cd 1 as first day of flow. Did you order your meds from mexmeds4you? I would call whoever you ordered them from and ask where they are at!!!! Dont be will be ok!! Even if they dont arrive till tom or wed you still have a chance to start them! Have you decided yet if you are going to take them in the morning or evening? Its 822pm here and I am going to bed! I know for being 25 i shouldnt be this tired but I am. Anyway, I had some cramping on my left side today but it comes and goes...hope its nothing serious. Its not hurting to where I need to go to the doctor or anything but to where I take tylenol. Anyway, keep your chin up!!! Gotta think positive!!!! ttys :)


Lew - November 8 are starting to sound me, ha ha ha. J/K. I wonder if the pain you have is implantation pain??? or a cycst? It's good that you are keeping a close watch on it and just take it easy for a while. 25, that is a good age. I remember when I was 25...sure wasn't ready for a family, LOL I didn't settle down until I was 26. Oh I had been asked a couple of times to get married...but wasn't ready and was a bit picky... Well I met the right guy at 25 and married at 26 and my priorities sure did change...from clothes and shoes and now a "stay at home mom" it's much more than I had ever thought. I sure don't have the time to hang out on the couch and watch soaps, eating But I wouldn't change what I have now for all the clothes, shoes, money in the! I am very happy! I am very young as far as the rest of me (hormones excluded) that is why I don't understand why pre-menopause came so early (in my opinion the 30's are still young! As well as the 40's ahead) I didn't think about hormones until I was in "that" boat! If I would have known then what I know now...I wouldn't have waited so long to have my last two (I hope all in one shot). Now I am in a race for time for extending my family. You seem very mature for 25. Good for you! Now you can have more time enjoying what is REALLY important in life and not fool around with all the worlds indulgences. Besides...having someone and a family to share life's indulgences with is more fun!! I would have loved to have that back then...but can only make the road ahead more precious to me as I got a late start on what really matters in life, Family and loved ones your surround yourself with!


Lew - November 8

Ok...enough of the soapbox:) I am not bumbed out today...if I get the clomid by thursday, I will do it, and if not, then I will give it a try next month. Right? Keep my head up and smile. I am so excited for you and impatient for your pg testing!!! LOL I ordered my meds through (so I don't know if they are the same company) I called last week and was told that it should arrive within 10-21 days, but the lady told me that usually after the charge hits your bank account, that it usually only take 4 to 5 I am hoping it will be here this afternoon! the 21th bus. day is the 23rd so I can't really complain until after that. I'm not getting jumpy yet. I am not flowing that much today so for sure I wont count yesterday as day 1. I will start today as cd1. That gives me until Thursday or even Friday to start the clomid. I plan on taking it at night. I'm also going to go ahead and take 100mg from the get go (due to my high levels of estrogen and wanting to block the estrogen to the sites with the clomid...otherwise, I would have just gone with the 50). Much sticky power and baby dust to ya! ttyl:)


Lynn - November 8

Hey lew...yep 25-but always said that I wasnt ever getting married nor having any children!!! Boy was I wrong!!!! Now I love being a mother and wife!!!!! My hubby is 17 years older than me his time is ticking as far as being a daddy for the 2nd time!!!! He doesnt want to be 65 when the children are getting out of high school!!! Which is funny cause my dad is 46!!! So its very confusing when people see my dad me and my hubby out in public....they try to figure out which one is my hubby!!!! Anyway I hope that I am pregnant but I just dont I have mild cramping in the middle though..not to one side like yesterday...My body is doing something though...thats for sure!!! My dh was asking me do you feel pregnant yet? when are you going to test..I want to know now! I told have to let the egg travel and implant in uterus first...that it takes time. He said oh yeah yeah, well it needs to hurry up! lol Anyway, I have decided to test friday 3 days to wait until first test!!!! If I dont get pregnant this time I dont know if I will take clomid 50mg or 100 mg...but I might just change days I take it to 2-6. Gotta go, ttyl :)



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