Lynn And Lews Thread

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ethansmum - April 17

Hey Vera now i know what u look like!!! Nice belly pic, wish I had one too! :(


Vera - April 17

Stacey, no sad faces!!! Yours is coming! Remember, have fun with the "trying" part. Keep your chin up and keep smiling okay! And just make sure you show me your belly pic when you get your BFP ;)


The real Lynn - April 18

Hi yall! Where is Lew at? Hopefully she is ok! Just checking in. Countdown on until I see doctor this thursday morning! ttl :)


Shauna - April 18

Hey ladies, I am new to this whole TTC thing so I have no idea what you are talking about half the time but I get the enthusiasm and support for one another. kuddos to you all for keeping it supportive. I have got to see this picture with two faces. I have tried to get it without the dashes but still cant. Please retype it someone so that I can look.


Shauna - April 18

What is BFP?


Shauna - April 18

okay, I get the bd is s_x but what does it stand for. I have had one child before but all I can think of it being is 'Bend over'. Please help my dirty mind cleanse itself.


ethansmum - April 18

Hi Shauna a BFP stands for Big Fat Positive, a BFN is a Big Fat Negative, and BD stands for Baby Dance. AF is Aunt Flo or period. DD is darling daighter DS is darling son DH is darling Husband


krob - April 19

hi guys just checking in I am doing good and my next appointment is May 1 I decided against the extra prenatal screening for downs etc good luck stacey hope lew and lynn are both doing well too


The real Lynn - April 19 Shauna-see if the above link works? please let me know. :)


The real Lynn - April 19 Shauna---maybe this one above should work,,,,I took out some dashes etc. This one worked when I tried it!


The real Lynn - April 19

Ok, it added the dashes that we dont need for me. Take out the dash out between the h2 and 49 and after curr(at the end of the first line) and see if that dont work.


krob - April 24

hiall quiet is here bu I got rear ended driving not bad accidnet and I have a bladder infection and I had a ultrasound I am 10 weeks right now that is my news hope you all are doing well


tearsofjoy1978 - April 24

just wanted to ask if any of the ladies here concived twins?


Vera - April 24

Hey ladies!! Well there is nothing new here with me, I still haven't heard from the doc regarding my gestational diabetes test, which was done 2 wks ago tomorrow... so I guess all is well... shocks me big time. I was just reading the postings on my forum thingy... one of the ladies in my due month (July) had her baby!!! She was 27 wks 3 days preg. and had her baby boy by c-section. So far he's doing great, he weighed only 2 lbs 7 oz. He can certainly use all the prayers he can get, which is why I'm sharing this with you all... please keep him in your prayers, his name is Brady..... ~~~Kim~~~ how are you feeling?? How's your back after your accident? I was rear-ended 3 years ago and my back still suffers from it... I pray you're doing well.


Vera - April 25

tears of joy~~~ none of us that I know of for sure have conceived twins... although one is a maybe... I've only got one though ;)


krob - April 27

I was actually stopped in a merge lane (too many cars in get in) when I was hit so there is very little damage to my car or to us but I have finished my medication for the UTi and I hope is is gone I have my 1st appointment prenatal on May 1st so wish me luck hope you all are doing well



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