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krob - April 27

I was actually stopped in a merge lane (too many cars in get in) when I was hit so there is very little damage to my car or to us but I have finished my medication for the UTi and I hope is is gone I have my 1st appointment prenatal on May 1st so wish me luck hope you all are doing well


Vera - May 2

Good dayladies!! Well after being unable to access the internet for almost a week, I finally feel back in the loop!! We've moved finally, and now have a beautiful house that we're renting!! I love it!!! I can't wait to bring my baby home here. I finally feel "home" in this place! DH and I were talking last night, and we realized that we've only got about 13 weeks before the baby is due to come!!! AND, if my doctor is correct, this munchkin might be early, like my last one (she came 2 wks 1 day early).... in which case, we've only got like 11 wks left!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I feel like I've just gotten into a routine with my baby (11 mths old) and now I'm going to bring another baby into it, and have to start all over again!!!!! I told DH that if this one is a boy... (and I'm suspecting it is) I'm done making babies... 3 is enough... but if its a girl... I MIGHT consider having another, but not for a while.... am I crazy?????? I think I'm crazy for considering 4!!! oh dear Lord.. Anyhow, Kim~~~ How did your appointment go?? How are you feeling from your accident?? How is everyone else feeling??? Despite the bout of the stomach flu that seems to be going through our house, I'm feeling great! Yesterday I wasn't feeling so good... I think it was just dealing with the puking baby, then it moved onto diarrea... the oldest DD started puking, thank goodness that only lasted one night... I'm still dealing with the poop from Daphne (youngest).... I just pray that DH doesn't get it.... I'm sorry but I'd rather have both my kids sick, AND me sick than have him sick... he's a bigger baby than the baby when he's not feeling well LOL!! Take care all!!!


krob - May 4

hi all I had my second doctors appointment and it went well all my tests were fine except I had protein in my urine probably from the urinary tract infection and they also moved up my due date to Nov 15 judging up the ultrasound, hope everyone is feeling better at your house Vera talk to you all soon


Vera - May 18

Ladies!! Its been a while since anyone has posted, so I thought I'd say hi and see how you all are doing??? I really hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing great, only 11 more weeks to go until my due date - although I have a feeling I'll be going in before then! Anyhow, I hope you're all doing well.


krob - May 22

hi Vera glad your doing well hi everyone else


Lew - May 25

Hello everyone! I know it has been some time since I have visited... I had to go out of town and help with a family issue with my sister and her kids (too sad to talk about). But all is doing better. I had my U/S two weeks ago and we are having a boy!!!!!!! very happy! But either way it was fine. All is fine with him and everything looks great. I was out of town and it was killing me not to have my u/s (I am 24 weeks now) I had my u/s at 22. But my sister was in need of help so bad that I couldn't leave. Then, I have been so busy at home catching up on my own life and with kids and all... but I have finally come to say hello!!! Great pic Vera! I am glad that you are ok from the accident Kim. I hope all is well with you Stacey and Lynn. Missed ya'll! TTYL:)


Lew - May 25

Oh yeah... I was having issues trying to post with just being a guest, and so I went ahead and registered. But this is really me gals! Lewana;)


Vera - May 31

Lew, how wonderful for you!!! I'm so glad to finally hear from you again! I was starting to worry. I'm sorry that you've been having some family issues there recently, I'll be praying. I can't believe that you're already 24 weeks!! It seems like just yesterday that you were getting your BFP!!! Amazing how fast the time is flying. I've got another 9 weeks to go until our little boy/girl makes his/her appearance! My DD is fussing BIG TIME now, so I've got to run!! But anyone, please feel free to email me! [email protected] just write in the subject line who you are and I won't delete you!!!! Might be easier way to communicate!


Lew - June 10

Hi there everyone! I hope all are doing well. How are things with you Kim? How far along are you now? Stacey, how are things going for you. Any good news? Vera and Lynn- I hope all is well with you two. It sure is coming up soon for you two! I am excited for the big event for you guys (for all of us!). You all have a wonderful weekend. I am doing well and no new info. Just going through the motions and enjoying the pregnancy!


Vera - June 12

Hi ladies! Well, its official! I am on "couch rest" my doctor said he's not putting me on "strict bedrest" but that he certainly will if he needs to, I just really need to take it easy. This baby really wants to make an early appearance!! So, I'm doing everything I can to not do too much. My mother is coming to town this week to help me with the kids and housework. My husband is doing so much more than his fair share around here now so that I won't have to do it. He's been amazing, that man is my rock I tell you! I started getting contractions that wouldn't go away, and ended up in hospital last week (Wednesday) all night as they treated me for high risk for preterm birth. So they gave me the steroids for the baby's lungs and meds to stop my contractions, the meds have been working really well. Today however, I've been getting much more, which scares me. I'm just trying really hard to take it easy. I am looking forward to my mom getting here! Anyhow, I really hope all you ladies are doing well, and Stacey, we haven't heard from you, is no news good news???? Everyone seems to have disappeared!! I really hope you're all well. Lots of Love, Vera


krob - June 14

hi all hope that baby stay puts Vera I was off on vacation now and I am about 18 weeks along and starting to show and feeling kicks congrats on the baby boy Lew and good luck


Vera - July 6

hey all... well, quick update... baby is not here yet, but I'm thinking will be very soon. He/she went breech at my last visit, but an ultrasound since has shown that its gone back to the head down position! There was some measurment issues also, I was only measuring at 33 wks, and at the time, I was 35.5 weeks, so that worried my doc a bit. The tech said that he/she is measuring at about 6 lbs 13 oz right now, which I realize could be off a bit, but I see my doctor tomorrow morning, so I'll find out more then. He didn't call me this afternoon when he would have gotten the results, so I am guessing that its okay. I'm also wondering if there is an issue, now that baby is back to head down, would they just induce and allow me to deliver naturally... I don't know... Well, I will keep posting occasionally, although there are very rarely posts from others... I do really hope that you're all doing well. Kim, if you get this, feel free to email me any time ([email protected]). I know your mom lives here in town, it would be nice to get together if you're here visiting!! I would love to keep in touch with all of you, so anyone can feel free to email me. I feel like everyone's disapeared!! :( like I said, I do hope you're all doing well. Vera


Lew - July 12

hello everyone! Vera, how are you doing? any baby yet???? Glad to hear that the baby is back to head down! Just remember that U/S in the last trimester are not very accurate as far as "how far along you are" if your amnio fluid levels are good, then there should be no reason to worry about the size you are and if the baby is healthy. I think 6.13 is a great weight for a new baby. Best of luck to you and let us know when it happens! I can't wait to find out for you if it is a boy or a girl. Kim- how are things going for you? Lynn-any baby yet? how are you doing? Stacey-how are things going for you? All is well here with me, some sleepless nights due to bathroom trips and heartburn, but other than that, all is fine. Enjoying the summer so far! Hugs to all!


ethansmum - July 12

Hey Guys!!! Long time no hear! Well no change for me, been 7 months trying now, I have actually given up. Things not so good at home now, not fair to little ones. Glad all is well with u guys, So Vera do we have a boy or girl??!!!! Talk again soon. Stacey


The real Lynn - July 18

Hey yall!!! Long time no chatting!! Well, tomorrow morning they are doing csection to take my boy. I will be 38 weeks 5 days. I still have to much amniotic fluid. They do not know why. But everything looks normal for the baby. He is on the big side though, at the 36 week ultrasound weighing in about 7 lbs. I will let yall know as soon as I get out of hospital how it all went. Hope everyone here is doing good and chugging along well!!!! ttyl :)


Lew - July 23

Hi everyone! CONGRATULATIONS Lynn! I can't wait to hear how you are doing and how your little guy is. I am getting excited for my little boy too. I hope all went well for you! Stacey, you are smart to wait things out and work on the relationship/home life before trying again. Best wishes for all to go well in your direction. How are you doing Vera and Kim? Best to all. ttyl, Lewana



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