Maybe BFP

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Jessica55 - February 20

Im not sure what to make of this so i thought I would ask you girls and see if you've ever had this happen. I took a walgreen digital pregnancy test and it showed up "Not Pregnant". So i ejected the stick and on the stick there was a very faint second line. I dont know if my HCG level is just to low and it couldnt pick it up or what?? Im not going to get excited about it but was curious to know your thoughts?? Thank you and God Bless!


Jessica55 - February 20

Just so everyone knows as well i started a very very light period a week before i normally do and it started of brown then turned to a burnt red. lasted for 6 days and just enough for a panty liner a day. I had no cramping and i ALWAYS have cramps! and my bbs always get real tinder 2 days before i start. The only thing ive had besides that is really really bad heartburn, it doesnt matter what i eat! and today me and my husband had s_x and i noticed some abdominal pain so i stopped and it got worse. It hurt so bad i started crying! Dont know whats going on but any ideas would be great!


Marie00 - February 21

It sounds like maybe your HGC levels might just be too low still, its hard to say though af's are unpredictable sometimes. Good luck hope it is a BFP! let us know...


Jessica55 - February 21

I got a BFP tonight! it only showed up half way so my HCG level must be really low! But i wish you the best of luck and let me know what happens!


Marie00 - February 21

CONGRATS! That is so exciting, wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy! Now send some babydust this way! : )


tonia1730 - February 21

congrats jessica, i keep getting faint positives. beta result comes into tomorrow. good luck!


tashab20 - February 22

Hey Jess - only me im so happy for you - i came on this morning or i think i have - really hope it stops tho, it really heavy : ( this has been a strange period tho if it is one so im not giving up hope yet. xxxxxxxxxxx


Jessica55 - February 22

Dont give up hope tashab! i about did but i know my body well enough to know that this wasnt right! I wish you the best of luck hun and have faith! Baby dust to all!!!


CarrieM - February 22

Thats great! I am looking forward to that moment very soon! Bless You Jessi! Tell us your symptoms, and how it happened Its fun to read about BFP's.



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