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11cake - April 15

I have just read this entire thread and now will share my situation. I am 38, a type 1 diabetic, and recently lost my health insurance. I have been off birth control for 6 months, but last month was the first time ever TRIED to get pregnant. My partner and I had unprotected s_x the weekend i was ovulating. About 9 days later i got symptoms my period was starting. I have very regular cycles and never miss, and they usually last 1-2 days and i RARELY have cramps. well i had cramps for 5 days and very light spotting, not enuf for even a pad, usually saw light pink only when i wiped. i kept thinking my period was about to start...when my peroid was actually due, the spotting ended. i decided upon research it must have been implantation bleeding. the next week i began to have aching in my br___ts. the following week i had extreme aching in my br___ts, nipples hyper-sensative, and constant aching, like cramps, in my pelvis right above pubic bone. worse at night. a couple of nights so bad it disrupted my sleep. weird breakout on my neck. one dizzy spell. waves of fatigue. following week, all these receded but are still there, just not so pronounced. i am now 18 days late. i basically feel all the time that menstration is about to happen, but so far it hasnt. i have had more cramps in the last 3 weeks than i probably have had in my entire life. 4 HPT, all neg. 2 doctor urine tests, neg. one blood test, neg. I feel "different", and have never had these symptoms, and cannot get healthcare without a positive test result. I just got the neg blood test result thismorning. Feel that something is wrong with my body if not pregnant, that or I caused these symptoms with my mind. my doctor suggested stress and that I just had a "weird early period". I have decided to wait 2 more weeks and see if i get my period then. if i dont i am going to go back to my doctor (paying out of pocket as no ins.). if i am preg, i'd be about 6 weeks along by then, i think. it just seems to strange to have all of these symptons at the same time, and the only time i have purposely put sperm in my body with no b/c. this thread makes me feel alot less "crazy".


CAA0827 - April 22

11cake. I understand what you are going through. I was not trying to get pregnant, but felt all these preg symptoms, but negative urine and blood tests. Like you the symptoms are decreased, but still there a little. Around my period time I had 1/2 days of a very light bleed and nothing else. My doctor checked for a lot of things like thyroid and inflammation but all negative. My OB says it is not a GYN problem. (huh). Well anyways I am just going to wait it out and see what happens and in the mean time I plan on switching OBs. Let me know what happens with you. Carrie



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