Missed Period And Negative Home Pregnancey Test Result

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liz - May 4

My last period started 21st of March. Did two home pregnancy tests on the 24th of April and again on the 28th of April but still had negative results. It is now the 4th of May and still didn't get my period. What could be the cause?


Chloe - May 4

I am in the same boat as you....I should of started April 17 and no AF yet. All HPT are coming back negative.


dito - May 4

I stopped takin the pill the last of Jan /05. After that I had my period in Jan, Feb and Mar. Here we are in Apr. and my period is 4 days late. Me and my fiance have been trying to get pregnant so I've took 2 urine tests...both negative. I feel I have signs of being pregnant...frequent urination, tender nipples, tired all the time, and eating more. Could the fact that I went off the pill in Jan be the reason why my period is late? If so wouldnt my other periods in Jan, Feb and Mar have been different as well? they were all right when they were supposed to be.


karla - July 3

I had s_x with my husband 1 day bedore my period was suppose to come we trying to get pregnant to use the boold from the babies cord to try to save my duagheter who suffers or more exact was born with sickle cell disease I took a pregnancy test two days after my p__sed period is there a chance I might be pregnant or could it be that since it;s been almost two months since I stop the nuva ring that I am having problems conceiving.


lady - August 3

I am in the same boat have not had a period since June. You might need to go to the Doctor for a blood test


need to know - August 3

I have not had a period since the end of June I have period symptoms but has not showed I took to home test but getting negative result what do I do


karla - August 3

You kmow girls I 've realised that when you keep chars and on top of when things should happened it could take forever to get pregnant but when you forget about getting pregnant and just enjoy the s_x that when it happens. At least that is the way it happened with both my past pregnancies and now it is becoming hard for the thord time becuase I charting again and realized it and just started to enjoy the s_x without pressuring to wonder if I amy be pregnant.


dito - August 3

I have to agree with what karla said a few posts back...I was calculating when the best time for me and my guy to get pregnant every month...then one month my guy was sick...so we didnt have s_x when i thought we should have, I didnt even think about being pregnant that month cuz i didnt think it would happen...but guess what...i'm now 3 months pregnant.:) If you are trying to concieve just relax and have s_x whenever you want...dont bother with the calculating dates and all that stuff :)



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