Missed Period But Negative Home Pregnancy Test

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faye - February 18

In my efforts to find the answer to why I'm 15 days late, I was surprised to find so many ladies with the same problem. I too have taken numerous hpt with negative results. I have sore br___t, clear va___al discharge, crampy at times and frequent urinations. I have to wonder though if it is some kind of hormone imbalance instead of pregnancy? I will be seeing the dr. on Thursday.


Lori - February 21

i am 2 weeks late as well and took like 7 test all coming up negative ---i guess i will go to the docotor as well.


paula - March 4

i am in the same situation. I am not sure whether dr will just say it is a hormone imbalance


Chic1 - March 6

So I'm not the only one! I'm 3wks late. On the pill but was a bit careless last month and missed a few. I've been told that the most common cause of missing a period without being pregnant is stress but like you, i have similar symptoms! Let me know how the doctor goes everyone! I'm off next week too...


kristen - April 22

Did you go to the doctor? What was the result? I'm 2 weeks late, same symptoms, and also have had 4 tests negative...


Shannon - April 22

Ive missed already two months of my period took five tests comming out negative and im gaining weight? What is wrong with me???


sarah - April 22

you could be preggo wait one more month go for mare test aand if still no go for a scan


Maria - May 2

instead of getting my period like normlly I do I,m spotting really light what can it be


Natalie - May 2

Hey, girls! I went to another doctor yesterday. No answer again. This is my 3rd doctor, 3rd blood test, and I don't even remember how many hpts I had. Only one hpt showed positive. All other tests showed negative. I have zillion pg symptoms, which I can't even recall all at once. Doctors even did pelvic exam, and looked inside, still can't see anything. All other tests normal. Actually at my last doctor's apointment she said that your uterus looks maybe 6 weeks pg. How these doctors can even say that, when I am either 11 weeks, or not at all. Anyway, I just want to ask girls who going thru the same thing, please keep us updated. I am going to scedule ultrosound, and let everyone know.


Morgan - May 2

Please Please Please POST here what you find out at the doctors office!! I'm having the same problem!! I feel pregnant, but the tests are all coming back negative.... with my son the tests all showed positive 2 days before my missed period, now I'm 2 days late, and still negative.


Fina - May 2

Hi...Oh Gosh..I thought I'm the only one who is having this problem.I've missed my period and when I test 3 pregnancy test it shows a negative sign.And I am having the same problem as U Faye.Please let me know what the doctors answer,I was so confused!Please...I just don't know what to do..wether to see the doctor and what if the doctors answer is negative as I still missed my period...


kim - May 2

i have missed 2 periods but home pregant test say negative


Colleen - May 2

ok so i am 20 i want so bad to be prego. i have had 2 neg home tests this month. last time 2mths ago i was at dr and got a quant_tative and they said it was at 2 hcg. How do you have 2 hcg? i am not on any drugs. I am late this month slightly nauscious, some extra saliva, lots of white not smelly discharge, and horribly tired. I have not gone to dr, don't want a no... no cramps, no tender b___bs :), just tired, discharge, extra saliva maybe fatter....i feel that i have been alot ga__sier...Could i be prego from earlier this year in feb or maybe this month??


Fina - May 2

Hi..Kim and colleen..I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and I'll check out how..I'll post again here.But I'm really scared that its a no....ermmm...


Fina - May 3

Hi all!I've went to the doctor today and the answer was again negative but I did ask a lot of question to the doctor as wat all of u here wants to know I'm pretty sure.My doctor do tell me that wat actually happens to me as I misses my period for 2 weeks 4 days,and its actually that probably this is an early pregnancy that was why the PT could'n detect yet the HCG on me is still low.As I have all the pregnancy symptoms my doctor told me that probably I am really pregnant.My next appointment will be the end of this month if period hasn't appear yet.So I decided to take again my HPT on the end of this month..and I'll see how it goes.I am on the early stage of pregnancy...and if really I'm pregnant,I'll be 6 week...thats wat my doctor told me!


Brittany - May 20

I am about 3 weeks late. some white odorless discharge and swollen b___sts. but my pg test said negative. so please help me out with your findings.


colleen2 - May 20

ok i am 3 weeks late yesterday for per. neg test a few days back and i will test tomorrow... i really want to know if i am prego but dr's suck they just look at you like ur dumb :) i feel fatter, white discharge, my nipples were sore, and i was feeling pucky a couple weeks ago, i am always tired, and i eat more at a reg schedule and i have to pee MORE ahhhhh this makes you feel crazy...



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