Missed Period But Negative Home Pregnancy Test

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colleen2 - May 20

ok i am 3 weeks late yesterday for per. neg test a few days back and i will test tomorrow... i really want to know if i am prego but dr's suck they just look at you like ur dumb :) i feel fatter, white discharge, my nipples were sore, and i was feeling pucky a couple weeks ago, i am always tired, and i eat more at a reg schedule and i have to pee MORE ahhhhh this makes you feel crazy...


mari - May 21

she is pregnant


Morgan - May 21

Well, I've had 4 negative pregnancy tests, and I've yet to start my period. I've gone to the drs, and he think's it might just be the birth control I was on. According to him, the change from the hormonal birth control to none at all, especially if you've been using it a while, can have a big effect on your body. He said that I could wait 1-6 months before I'd get my period again. I really wish I had known this prior to starting birth control. My husband and I are planning on having another child, and are planning on using the Shultz method to concieve a girl. You have to chart your ovulation to be able to do this correctly, and we can't because the birth control screwed up my system. I reccomend using birth control for the shortest amount of time possible, and relying on other forms instead. Good luck ladies!


nikki woodrum - May 21

i am 4 months late on my period and have took alot of pregnancy test and still negative what should i do


Amanda - May 24

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half, and several times my period has been late- sometimes up to 2 months! Again, my period is two weeks late, and I'm experiencing minor cramping. I've tried the at home tests, and even saw a doctor, but everything came up negative. I was scared that I was the only one that this was happening to. I guess that I should make another appointment.


mary - May 26

I'm 5 days late my periods are irregular but in apr my period came right on time. this month my period say find me.i'm always two to three days late never five came someone help me


d.K - May 30

Most women don't know this...but many women suffer miscarriages and don't even know it. My dr. told me that many women will miscarry at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and so on. Will have neg. hpt, but will have pregnancy symptoms.


mary - May 30

d.k do u think that what happen to me cause now i'm nine days late


Morgan - May 30

D.K. that's also why some women get a positive result, but then find out they're not pregnant. They miscarry at the start of their next period. All I can say is that you'll have to wait until either you do start or you're far enough along to tell with an ultrasound. Good luck everyone. BTW: I started almost 4 weeks late, but that was after stopping birth cotrol. If you're on birth control and we're less then perfect about taking it, it can take up to 6 months before you have another period after stopping.


kay - May 31

I'm 10 days late, although I am usually about 3-4 days late. The only 'pregnancy' symptom I seem to have is swollen b___sts. I've taken 2 HPTs and both negative, what do you think about the swollen b___sts, I've had them for about 5 days now.


Brandy - May 31

We had a slip up about 3 1/2 weeks ago well I am due for my period on the 26th and I still haven't had one and 2 neg. test..How early can you learn you are pregnant?


Marie - June 1

i am 2 weeks late on my period. I was suppose to have it on the 18th of this month but i never did have any. I noticed some spotting. could it be that i'm pregnant? I took 2 hpt test that both came out negative.


Brynn - June 1

Well, some clarification: YES--the truth lies with some of these answers here. Most of you are probably experiencing early miscarriages (either by showing you a positive result and then you turn up not prego, or by giving you a negative sign with prego symptoms and then you have a really late period--actually a miscarriage). It is VERY typical for women to miscarry early on. It is also NOT typical for a pregnancy test to show you false results after 5 days of a missed period. The answers about doctors giving shady answers puzzle me--Doctors will and should tell you if you are pregnant (either you are or you arent) To the doctor that said "you could be 6 weeks pregnant, but I dont have a test to confirm it" --i think you need to find a new doctor. A true medical person would (if you are months late on your period, showing prego signs and are concerned) an HCG test would be done and if still nothing, an ultrasound (probably v____al) will confirm if there is indeed a sac in there...remember: sore b___sts can be a sign of period onset, but SWOLEN b___sts is a symptom of pregnancy. If you are concerned at ALL, go to your doctor--if you dont like their answer, go somewhere else. Remember, its your body and you can ask for or deny any tests you want. But something is definitely amiss if you are several months late, not on birthcontrol and a test is coming up negative. Keep those bodies healthy and take your folic acid! --Brynn


Nina - June 2

Definatly go see a doctor you could be pregnant. i have missed my period for two days I have regular periods i took the test its negative i have white clear dischard and my stomach feel blouded i dont know what it could be anybody knows?


melissa - June 3

I am 5days late. I have regualar periods, every 28 days no questions asked. I have taken three hpt and they are all negative(name brand and off brand) i have clear discharge, swollen b___sts and i pee all the time. But i didnt think the peeing was a symptom this early. what is wrong with me?


Morgan - June 3

Seriously guys, time will tell. It's proven that stress will make you not start your period, and some of you are probably stressing about this. Sit back and relax.... wait at least a week between taking preg. tests. if after a month still no period and no positive tests go to the drs. (also try the ER they are more likely to do an ultrasound right then and there then the drs in my experience). Like Nikki said, most of you are too early to be really showing signs. And to the women who's been trying for over a year, you probably need to see a fertility dr. if you're healthy and under age 35 and after 1 year of trying you can't get preg. you need to see a dr. to rule out problems. If you're over 35 it's only 6 months of trying. Good luck to everyone though!



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