Missed Period But Negative Home Pregnancy Test

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Morgan - June 3

Seriously guys, time will tell. It's proven that stress will make you not start your period, and some of you are probably stressing about this. Sit back and relax.... wait at least a week between taking preg. tests. if after a month still no period and no positive tests go to the drs. (also try the ER they are more likely to do an ultrasound right then and there then the drs in my experience). Like Nikki said, most of you are too early to be really showing signs. And to the women who's been trying for over a year, you probably need to see a fertility dr. if you're healthy and under age 35 and after 1 year of trying you can't get preg. you need to see a dr. to rule out problems. If you're over 35 it's only 6 months of trying. Good luck to everyone though!





nikki - June 4

alot of u gurls are wanting a baby sometimes ur mind will mess up ur system if u think about it it will but alot of u gurls are u just late cause of stress so dont worry plus it took me 3 weeks to find out when i was pregnant and i had 2 miscarriges it wasnt fun so gurls if ur young wait till ur older to have one cause it will mess up ur life and i know alot of u want one sometimes u have to wait


mary - June 4

nikki that's not true i had my first child at sixteen and i'm very happy that i had my child at ayoung age and he did not miss up my life. and still made it in life.


Mary - June 4

I agree with you. For some people, having children at a young age is good for them, but for others it's a huge mistake. I got pregnant with my son at 18 and had him at 19, and he is the joy of my life. I am married to his father, and together we have our son, and a daughter from my husband's previous relationship. Somethings though, at a young age it's hard. I can't go to college like I wanted, my daughter has developmental delays and requireds a lot of extra help, she also has therapy I need to attend with her. I'm 21 and slowly working on my a__sociates degree at an online university. Having a baby doesn't make life impossible, just harder. You can be a "normal" 21 year old. I don't go out all the time with friends, I've been out twice since my 21st birthday. But I wouldn't change it for anything. My children are my life. I love taking care of them, and we're planning another one. Remeber though, a baby isn't the answer to anything, except your longing for a baby. It may just be the wrong time for some of you. Sit back and relax, enjoy life. Stress can cause all sorts of problems. Good luck!


mary - June 4

things going to get better for u .i'm not married and made it throw life and i have a four year. to all of you girls just sit down and wait three to four weeks . cause i was in the boat my doc did an ultrasound and yes i'm pergo and to nikki u can have symptoms within five day late. i should know i'm a nurse


nikki - June 4

i mean yea babies are great but u can have sore b___bs a couple days later on u late period but i wasnt like that all i was saying is that some young gurls need to think about it before they want one i love babies i want one real bad but i cant cause where i had 2 miscarriges in 1 year and it messed up my system so i have to wait a a while


mary - June 5

nikki i understand what u goin throw but having two miscarriges doesn't mean end of the world maybe it's not ur time i had three miscarriges and three years late after my last one i had a lil girl. maybe u can't hold ur babies but they can give u some for that. like my son i had him at sixteen at my fifth month i kept going into labor and the same with my daughter but she had a weight problem. just give it time and when that time come u going to have the joy of ur life


tiffany - June 5

I got my period but it was light and also i took the test it came up negative.but im dizzy and sleepy all the time.. i dont know wht to do:(


mary - June 5

tiffany go to the doc an get a blood test or an ultrasound


megan C - June 5

Im 18 days late and have had unprotected s_x with my husband a few times during April and May and missed my May period. I have taken three First Response pregnancy test and all have come back negative (One a few days after I should have started, one a week after that and one today).I havent had any signs of my period about to start, cramps or any light bleeding I usually have bad cramps a few days before I start so I know its about to happen.( I have NEVER missed a period before) I see that most of you have missed your period but does anyone know an answer from the doctor? If anyone has an answer please post it.


heyni - June 7

hello, wow its nice know i'm not the only one having this problem. i'm 9 days late from my period and the most i've been late is 3 days. I was on the pill for not even about 6 months and stopped last month because i kept messing up. i was going to start it again this month but haven't gotten my period. i took a test but negative. i have pretty much every symtom exept sore b___sts, should i go to a doctor. please help!


awilson - June 7

i havent had a period since march. i've been spotting here and there. took two pregnancy test and they bothe were negative. what should i do


Alyssa 26 cd32 - June 8

I am 26, ttc for 10mo. My cycles have lasted anywhere from 24-31 days, but last three months were 25-26 days. Now on day 32 and still no period. Have had two negatives on cd28 and 30. No other signs, so I am sure my period will come, but will go to the doctor next week if still nothing. Good luck all.


Shaynah - June 8

Well i have missed my period for 2 months now. n i took 1 pregnancy test n it came out negative. my stomach is getting bigger. um sleep more. eat more like a lot of junk. my b___st itch sometimes n they look bigger n darker.


unknown - June 9

i went to the doctor and took a blood test it came out neg then did an ultrasound and there was nothing but then they checked my tube guess what was there a baby so all of u are having neg signs ask to check ur tubes



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