Missed Period But Negative Home Pregnancy Test

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Helen - February 21

Hi Faye, I'm having a similar experience! I'm so glad I found this website. My husband and I have been trying for 2 years and this was the first cycle that we had used clomid and IUI. I'm now 4 days late with absolutely no sign of AF. But I've taken two pregnancy tests and both were negative. My period has never been late (occa__sionally early, but never late). My husband and I are going through emotional ups and downs, especially as both tests were negative. Tomorrow, I'm going to have a blood test. Wish me luck!


jackie5764 - February 22

Im 42. and been bloated for about 4 weeks. I am 9 weeks late seeing AF. Taken 5 hpts, taken 1 urine test with my doctor, arranged a private sonogram and blood test. ALL -ve. No one can answer why my AF is so late, why im bloated and experiencing nausea,dizziness, tingling to b___sts, spotting, cramping, lethargy. Im desparate to know as i had chemotherapy 1yr ago and i am due my 3 monthly CAT scan. Its not in my head. Im a Head Nurse and have been nursing now for 23yrs. This will be my first child if i am pregnanat. i have also visited my local Family planning who states that i may still be pregnant as she has a nurse colleague that she works with who was 4 months preg, visibly showing and that the tests that she was taking still had showed her to be -ve............go figure. This is not the 1st site that i have written on. I've had no feedback. Now that all test have proved -ve...and starting to agree with this....but here i am with a rounded bloate stomach, cramping and back pain..........i sit at work with my consultant ans ask........so whats going on. my husband thinks that we are pregnant. It would be nice if someone could write back without being patronising saying that itsall in our minds.My last period was the 21st Dec 2006. Now waiting to see if my period will arive on 28th of Feb when it is due. It would be grest to heare from anyone that is going thro this for the approx the same length of time as me. I wsih evryone that uses this site all the best and will continue to read your notes for support.


raeshawn - February 22

Have you thought about Menopause? That could be a reason why you are not getting your menstrual.


Jackie5764 - February 22

Yes! i have thought about it being pre menopausal symptoms.........already had a blood test for this and this has been confirmed that i am not pre-menopausal and that im still ovulating. Plus i had spotting the week prior to my first period in January


vistagirl81 - February 23

i understand you,,, my la__st pd was dec 9th, i have taken blood tests negative, about 7 HPT all negative... i have i small cyst but i have had those before bigger and i have had my pd... on the 10th of Feb i had light pinkish clear discharge(like snot.... sorry if TMI) then again on the 17th but it was just pink when i wipped.. i know it is not in my head .. i want to know what is wrong... i had an ultrasound on the 15th of feb and she said i have healthy looking ovaries( with the exception of the small cycs ) and a nice looking uterus.. i just want to know whats wrong.. i feel better knowing there are people out there like me.


jackie5764 - February 23

Oh my god! its so good to share this with someone. Used an ovulation kit today. It was +ve to confirm thast im ovulating. So back to the drawing board. Still bloated. Nausea not present so much. Still getting cramps asnd slight tingling. AF still not arrived which is now 65 days late. To all of you, stay +ve and good luck. If anything changes i will let you know.


dr.c - February 24

in medical school, we learned there are a lot of times when women miscarry without even knowing it. Being late but test negative ( i am going through the same thing) sounds like it might be that.


mglove1983 - February 26

I was int he same situation, with three weeks late and worried about. I took several test. The last one i took was clear blue. It came positive. I was with all the symtoms like everyone of you.


kdlovesrd - February 26

I'm kinda in the same boat -- I've gone 62 days so far and not had a cycle (last one was last week of December). I've got sore b___sts, abdomen pressure and I get up late at night to pee. I've taken numerous tests, including a blood test at the OBGYN which were all negative. I've got to go back to the Dr. on Friday to find out why my body is not having a cycle even with taking medication to induce it. I would like to think I could be pregnant but who knows. I've been reading numerous articles about PCOS & insulin resistance and it looks like I could have that, though my Dr. said I have no cysts of any kind on my ovaries.


dr.c - February 27

Ectopic pregnancy gives negative tests. If you are late and blood test is neg, but you need an ultrasound. I took 2 hpt, both negative. May be I tested too early. I am going to a doc on thrusday to find out why I am late.


Txffwife - February 28

Jackie5764...I have a corpus luteum cyst on my right ovary that has delayed my af and given me every pg symptom there is. The reason is because this type of cyst contains progesterone and is supposed to dissolve if you do not conceive. I didn't conceive in Jan, but it's still hanging around. No, it is not all in your head!!! Women experience these symptoms all the time because right after you ovulate, this type of cyst forms on the ovary in order to provide prog. for the baby...so when women have all these symptoms, but end up getting af, they are still experiencing pg symptoms because of that progesterone. Anyhow, I'm not sure if this will help you, buy I know that you can also ovulate without your af, just pay attention to your body (just like you did!). Good luck!!


Txffwife - February 28

I also forgot to say that yes, I too have been bloated very bad...it's very uncomfortable and slight cramping, sometimes worse. Same as you!


HildaMP - March 9

I feel a little reasured reading that there are others out there having the same problem. I was supposed to start my period around the end of Feb. or 1st of March. (I am always extremely regular, sometimes start the same day each month) My only concern is that I've already had two miscarriages in 2006 and will be heart broken if I have another one. I only called my OBGYN to ask what I should do and she told me to wait another couple days and take another hpt. I took my third hpt this morning and it was still neg. My b___sts are sore and I've been hungrier. I guess I'll wait it out for a couple more days... I really hope it's not a miscarry.


Krisitne - March 15

I am a little over 2 weeks late and have had a low thyriod for the past 3 years but my period has always been normal until now. I have taken 3 hpt and all have come back negative. I have been researching online b/c I have not been feeling right and I have all the syptoms of early pregnancy and cant find anything else that fits. I have always had really bad luck with doctors and also dont have any medical coverage at the moment b/c of starting a new job so I cant just keep going to the doctor for tests. I would really like to know what is wrong with me. I am going to wait another week and try another brand of hpt and see what happens but if any one has any advice I would greatly apreiciate it.


ChelC - March 19

Same boat....My last period started on January 31st and it is now March 19th. I am 21 years old and never had a late period before. I have been feeling sick, lower back pain, bloated, and having (clear) discharge. I was also achy in my lower abdomen for a couple days. I went to the Dr. on wednesday...my urine test came back negative and I was checked for diabetis and tyroid problems but everything came back ok. they had me come back friday to give more blood to do a pregnancy blood test, but ended up telling me they had enough blood from wednesday when they did the tyroid test.... so now it is monday, and they say the test came back negative.... So, I ask the nurse, what am I supposed to do now, she said she would call me back, soooo she never calls, so I call her and she says she is faxing over a prescription to my pharmacy for birth control to take for three monthes to try and get my period regular...WHAT?!?! First of all, I have never had a pap smear before....you would think hed wanna check that all out....Second, this is the first time my period has been irregular. I think that is odd because I think he would want to check me out and because I have never had an irregular period before. I was wondering if there was a possiblity i could still be pregnant?...if not, does anyone else think it is odd for my doctor to give me birth control with no checkup? :?


HildaMP - March 19

Hi ChelC. I was late with my period about a week, but I've had previous m/c although I've never missed a period in my life or been late. I talked to the dr. and they said its normal to have a late or missed period even if you've never had one and she said that they only do something about it if you've missed 2periods and have neg. hpt. They said they give you something to start your period again. I do think its weird the dr. didn't check you physically and I think you should ask for that before you take any pills just to put your mind at ease. I had the same symptoms, but my period eventually started so I just had to wait. Talk to your dr. about your concerns and they'll explain things to you, just ask. I wish you the best.....Hilda



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