Missed Period But Negative Home Pregnancy Test

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unknown - June 9

i went to the doctor and took a blood test it came out neg then did an ultrasound and there was nothing but then they checked my tube guess what was there a baby so all of u are having neg signs ask to check ur tubes


jan - June 9

i haven't had my period for almost 2 months now. I noticed that i have been having these mild morning sickness or feel nauseated and my b___st feel sore? and i even feel like my stomach is bloated for some reason. i never felt this way before. I have taken three hpt test but all come out negative. Me and my boyfriend been trying to have a baby for the past 4 months. Do you think we finally made one?


tara - June 10

i had unprotected s_x with my ex boyfrend liek 22 days ago im nto 15 days late for my period i took 3 hoem test (-) n a blood test (-) but wen i took teh blood test it was the day of my expected period but my period never came .....nyways wat im wunderring is if im preggo id be 3 weeks today and ive been havin erly symtoms peeing alot n sore b___bs my b___bs feel bigger n my adominal area is relly hard n ususlly its chubby for me so ye ai jus wanna kno can the results be negatiev cuz thers styl not enuf hcg to detcet the actual pregnancy....also dus age have nythin to do with this cuz im 16 turnin 17 so if sum1 can help me out tht be great also be4 my expected period i had very light spot_tng which lasted a day n a half n it was pink then it turned into a brown discharge....n i heard be4 usually if tht occurs its called implantation bleeding so anywyas can sum1 plz giev me advice on wat to do thx<3


Morgan - June 10

Tara, more then likely the stress of worrying about whether or not your pregnant is what's causing your period not to come. I don't think age has anything to do with it, I got pregnant with my son at 18, and the test showed positive 2 days before my missed period. Also, your stomach wont get harder until your uterus gets bigger. If you are pregnant, you uterus is still small enough that it's behind your pelvic bone. Wait a week, if your period still hasn't started take another test or go to the doctor. If the tests still show negative, and you still haven't gotten your period ask for an ultrasound to check to see if you have an ectopic pregnancy (the fertalized egg is in one of your tubes). Good luck.


Lindsey - June 12

Hi - I always read these posts so thought I would write my own! Hubby and I have been trying for 9 months now. My period is 9 days late today but 5 neg tests. How long should I wait to go see the doc?


melissa - June 12

i am 15 days late but there is also blood in my discharge.i have done 2 home pregnancy tests but they came out negative,could i be pregnant?


marie - June 12

if you have your period while you are pregnnant is that normal?


amber - June 12

Okay, i have 2 kids, 4 and 2 years old. I have late periods sometimes, but i am never more than 5 days, i usually take a hpt find it neg. and start the next day. Well, I am 2 weeks late now, and I hav had 2 neg hpt. When i was preg with my 4 year old, i had one neg hpt and 1 neg. urine test at the doctor., I went back to the dr.a few days later and got a blood test, and I was 6 and a half weeks. With my 2 year old a hpt gave me a pos. So, my point is I don't think i am prg. i don't feel preg at all. I dont have any preg symptoms or period symptoms I don't understand why I am this late!! I have never been this late. I am pretty sure that I am not preg. I am just worried about what is wrong with me that is making me miss my p. I mean, I am not under any stress, i am sure not going through menopause! (i am 20) and I have been having periods every 29-34 days since I was 11. I really want to go to the dr. but I don' t have any insurance right now. medicaid makes me pay up to $429 a month for any doc. bills. What else could be making me this late?


Jay - June 14

Ok it seems as though alot of you are having the same problem as me, my last period was apr. 18 and i has a normal cycle but in may it didnt come and when i gues it came it was brown and not alot but it was for a couple of days anyway i was supposed to start 2 days ago on the 13th of june and didnt should i be worried I have take a million hpt and on negative lol and went to the doctor once and that was negative also what are other reasons for a missed period? please help i dont no what to do i have to babies 1 and 3 and i am worried dont want to fine out something serious is wrong with me


Tiffany - June 14

Hi, I had intercourse on the 20th of may..my partner used a condom and he didn't ejaculate during the s_x. My period was due the 2nd or 3rd of june and it is not almost 2 weeks late. I have done 4 hpts (all negative) but I keep wondering if im pregnant because i do seem to get some kind of cramping and nausea..I'm also experiencing diarrhea..is diarrhea a symptom? So far there has no been implantation bleeding and the reason I keep worrying I 'm pregnant because there's still no sign of my period was has become regular for more than a year now....You think I'm worrying to much?? I am testing to early?? someone please help me..:o(


stella.p - June 14

i have been missing my peiod fo the past 14 day i was suppose to see my period on the1st of june but i have not seen my period can some on help mi becos i have taking like 8 pregancy test and all comes out negative wat do u think is best to do becos i dont have any normal symtoms pple have pls some help and tell us wat is wrong with us becos missing our period is scaring the the hell out of mi and others.


amber - June 14

okay, i started yesterday hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just thought id let yall know


crystal - June 15

hey tiffany i am having the same kinda problem. I started to have s_x with my partner on the 19th of May and he had a condom on and he didnt ejaculate..it was actually a very short session and we had barely started when his roomate came home. I was supposed ot start on the 1st of June and i still havent but I have experienced some pre menstrual symptoms like breaking out and PMS and bloating and a headache which i usually get rightr before i start. My periods are usually always late coz i am not on birth control so I wasnt worrying too much. I did take a pregnancy test a week after i was supposed to start and it was negative but i still havent started. I also am experiencing a little diarrhea but none of the other pregnancy sypmtoms like sore breats and naseua and i dont really feel extremely tired or anything. Maybe because i was seriously stressing over this i caused myself to miss my period...I know that happens sometimes. I just cant have a baby right now and I'm wondering if maybe my missed period is due to stress...can anyone help me? Or offer advice....im a 20 year old who isnt ready for the major responsibilties of pregnancy.


Jan - June 15

I have taken 2 hpt test. both came out negative and i also saw the doctor yesterday but he also gave me the result which is negative. me and my boyfriend have been trying to have a baby. I missed my period twice now. Is this normal? I have most of the symptons that a pregnant woman should have. What are my other options?


Sheena - June 15

Hi, I am 26, have been trying for a baby with my hubby for 2 and a half years - went to dctrs 5 months back, they diagnosed polycistic ovary/s - am due to see consultant next week for fertility treatment hopefully, periods vary between 26 - 31 days, over last few years have spent soooooo much money on preg tests with all neg...I think I have miscarried before as same situation as a lot of you with late periods before, but this month I feel different. Its 31 days today, no period, swollen and sore b___bs, hardley ever get sore b___bs with periods - had cramping last week, clear discharge, did a clearblue test this afternoon but neg - cried a lot, but realised maybe if I haven't come on by next week should take another test do you think?? Soooo glad you are all in same boat, such a roller coaster ride of emotions every month, and I don't feel so alone now. xx


Morgan - June 15

Sheena, I have had similar problems. I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis, and one of the complications with that is infertility. The longer you have it, the more liklely you will have fertility problems. What I've been told by my doctors is to wait 1 week, if my period doesn't show up, take a home test if it's negative, wait another week and if my period doesn't show take another test, if it's still negative make an appointment and see the doctor. The tests done at the doctors office are more sensative to the pregnancy hormones, the doctors can also do blood tests and ultrasounds. The problem with the over the counter home tests is that they are not very sensitve to the hormones. From the research I've done most of the tests don't show positive until 50-100 mIU. If you can't get into the doctors for a while, Planned Parenthood offers tests for around $10, they are the super sensitive ones. Also, if there are any pregnancy resource centers in your area check those out too. In the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area there is a place that does free pregnancy tests and they are the super sensitive ones. Good luck.



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