Missed Period But Negative Home Pregnancy Test

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Giovanna - September 7

I'm 17 days late on my period and the first week of missing it I took two pregnancy tests that came back negative. Last week I started to get worried because I still didn't get my period and I went to planned parenthood so they could take a more "serious" pregnancy test. The result = NEGATIVE! I got really worried because I thought that something really wrong, like a toumor or something, could be the reason for missing my period for so many days! I'm super regular... Yesterday I went to my OBGYN and after 16 days and 3 negative pregnancy test I HAPPEN TO BE PREGNANT! I don't understand, how and why every single test came back negative since I'm almost 7 weeks pregnant. So, ladies don't ignore your body!!!! if the signs are there we should take a closer look to them... Good Luck to all


BusyMammaBee - September 7

Giovanna: I was just wondering how you found out? did they do another pregnacy test? or sono gram? Im about 7 days late and every test i take still says neg? i was just wondering what the doc said about you not testing positive? congrats on your Pregnacy!!!!!! :)


BusyMammaBee - September 7

Has anyone been pregnat without testing positive on a pregncy test? or know anyone that has? I am now seven days late but every test i take says negative:/ im having slite morning sickness and my b___st seem bigger. But im just not sure whats going on " i had a misscariage two months ago. It was really hard so im trying not to get my hopes up but its just hard not to when my period is so late. Any coments would be greatly appresiated! Baby dust to all!


Giovanna - September 7

BusyMammaBee: I was in shock when they told me because I took many tests, one was even at a pregnancy facility, and they all were negative even though I was 15 days late. When I asked my doctor she told me that sometimes the levels of pregnancy hormones are way too low to be detected on a urine test. This hormone should be rising its levels every 48 hours and in order to detect a pregnancy this levels should be near to 2000 (Don't even ask me what that means) And that is the main reason why my tests were coming back negative. One thing I can say for sure is that I was feeling 100% pregnant, even though I didn't believe I was... So, keep your hopes high that the baby will come when the time is right ;) Good Luck!!!


BusyMammaBee - September 7

Giovanna: Thanks so much for your replay! I am trying to stay postive. I feel like im pregnat(its an undescribable feeling) kinda like i just know? lol but some part of me makes me feel maybe its just wishful thinking? I took about 5 test already one that was in the doc office yesterday. Haha you should have seen the looks i got when i told them i just felt i was even though the test was negative. Well i go back on the 15th and that will make me 15 days late so lets just hope i finally get what i have been praying for :)


BusyMammaBee - September 7

another questions for you miss Giovanna :) did you have any implatiaion spotting or anything like that? about two days befor my "dot" was due i had two dime size dots of what looks like lite pink/brown blood and that was it. I thought it could have been implantaion spotting.


BusyMammaBee - September 7

ECherr93: I am in the same boat! I go to the docs on the 15 so we will have to see what happens! keep us posted and good luck girl baby dust to you!!! :)


Giovanna - September 7

BusyMammaBig: No! I didn't have any spotting, but I've heard is pretty common. What I do have is some sort of menstrual cramps and swollen and awkward b___st... Hope that helps =)


BusyMammaBee - September 7

Giovanna: Yes defenitly have swollen b___st and menstrul like cramps! that makes me feel even more positive! i cant wait till next week!!! as you know its so hard to get those neg even if you feel theres a bun in the oven :) i sure hope hope! thanks so much for all your replys if anything you have givin me even more hope!


Jenny_seale - September 8

I took 3 HPT at the end of july they were all positive went to the docs did urine sample which came back negative and blood test came back negative, went the docs last week coz still not had my period and had to do another pregnancy urine sample which has come back positive, i feel sick now ive started being sick and my b___sts are sore and got strange feelings in stomach


BusyMammaBee - September 8

jenny seale: How far along are you? Did docs say why you tested positive then neg? then positive agin? never the less thats exciting! congrats girl!


BrittanyW006 - October 8

Hey everyone I am 24 years old and I haven't gotten my period in 2 months. I have taken 4 pregnancy test and all were negative. I don't know what to do or If I am pregnant. I am known to be at least a month late, but not 2 months.I really want to have another child. My son is 2 and When I found out i was pregnant with him the test was positive 3 days before my period was due. Please Help me it would be greatly appreciated.


JaneDoe - October 30

I need updates, have any of you ladies who missed there period or had late period ever got it?


aprillily - November 1

I am 8 days late for my period. Everyday since the first day of my missed period I have taken a pregnancy test and they have ALL been negative. It's so strange because since we are tic I pinpointed ovulation throughout the tests so I know my ovulation wasn't late. I'm so confused and advice or input? Thanks


Nreannakaye - November 4

OMG im going through this!! I am 3 weeks late of my period. My stomach hurts like cramps...i have either been depressed/Crying or hyper. I sleep the day away. i ve taken 4 hpt and they were all negative. I feel starved but when i get infront of food i suddenly become full. If anyone knows whats going that would be great because im sick of thinking about it all the time. at first i thought i just didnt have enough hormone in my urine but i did some reseach and im nevros that it might be ectopic...someone please help!


vanessa.sipes - November 27

woim glad toknow there are a lot of other people out there that have this problem. im 2 months late and have been havng signs of pregnacy since last month. sore b___sts. no period obvioul. weight gain, and all in the belly. much more frequen urination and ALWAYS hungry. but ive taken at least 4 hpts that all say negative and went to pp to have test(not blood) nd it was indecisive or something. what do i do? how long to bloodtests take? i need to figure it out asap, only 21 not expecting this at all and the father, if i am obviously is moving out of state tomorrow so i need to figure it out fast.



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