Missed Period But Negative Home Pregnancy Test

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pinksallmine19 - July 28

took test and got a very light negative im late on my period and have had spotting for about three days....could i e pregnant???


rhodaknight - July 31

Hi everyone I haven't had a period since 24th May 2012, I done a pregnancy test yesterday (30th July 2012) and it came back negative but today (31st July 2012) I started getting light pink spotting, could this mean I'm pregnant and will I have to do another test! I'm getting a lot of stomach cramps and pains and abdominal pains.


hanbay - August 26

hi,i have a friend who is worried sick,she's not on the pill and her boyfriend came to visit.... her LMP was 5th of july.she took postionor on the 13th and then she had s_x on the 18th but the condom broke and she took escapelle,and then she had unptoteceted s_x again on the 21st...her period is not regular so she doesnt actually know when her next period is supposed to start but when we calculated,she is supposed to have her period between 6th and 9th of august...shez been feeling okay except that her b___bs are a bit bigger and late last month btwn 27th of july till 3rd of august she had discharges like she was ovulating,clear,stretchy but no period..till now no period,she already took 3hpt but all are negative,what could this be?i advised her to go the hospital and have an ultrasound so she could know if she's pregnant.


stormywaters15 - September 9

i am almost a week late now took a test but.... i might have taken it to early, have been trying to conceive i will take another test on friday wish me luck?


samina.ghori - October 25

i am 33 years old unmarried i am really v confused and scared i will explain every thing in detail......i had proted s_x with my boy friend on 13th of sep i got my period on 20th of sep after that i am not s_xually active as my boyfriend is out of city now i am 6 days late on my period and i am having these symptoms from 6 days cramps. oily hair .lower abdomen pressure and mild pain frequent bowel movement so i an so paranoid i took hpt today and it came out negative will do it again in the morning.whats the reason for all this sometimes my periods are irregular but i never missed them please reply soon :( worried don't want to get pregnant


samina.ghori - October 25

yesterday i took i tablet of gynorit it is for irregular periods today i took the second 1 but no sign of bleeding just pms symptoms :(


jenprus - October 25

I posted on this several years ago, after 4 children and missing my period for several months I took a bunch of pregnancy test that all were negative. Finally I went to the doctor he told me although it happens the odds of pregnancy after a negative test are very rare. I thought I had a bunch of other symptoms also since I had been pregnant 4 other times I knew the feeling. Turns out I was never pregnant (thank you lord). My doctor said it could just be my body/hormones changing and it is very normal. My husband has had a vasectomy since so no more worries. Just enjoying the 4 we have.


samina.ghori - October 25

thank you jenprus for replying i am also having white jelly like discharge when i wipe to check is there any bleeding any guesses what is this????


dollyharmer - October 27

I know these post are a couple months ago, im about 8 days late.. have taken 2 tests and both been negative.... I have 2 children already and I kinda thought i would know... thinking back I was over 2 weeks late with both my other children before i got a positive result. so im thinking i am going to have to wait a little longer. if you are over 2 weeks late and test says negative I would imagine its a sure thing..? who knows. ive been having all the crampings, back pain and hormones of as if I was on my period... only time will tell.... I hope you all got the results you wanted...!!


jesikaann - November 2

Hi everyone, My period is usually pretty regular. Now, I haven't had it in 3 months. I feel nauseous off and on but i don't get sick. I've taken more home pregnancy tests than I can count and they all come back negative! I have been getting headaches, heart burn, and gas constantly. All of those symptoms are things that I rarely ever get. My stomach is beginning to feel a little hard, sort of different than normal. The doctor can't fit me in for another two weeks to get a blood test. I was just curious of what you guys thought. Could I be pregnant? I have a blood disease called factor five leiden and read online that it can cause low hormone levels... Thanks for your help!!



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