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Kristie - February 18

I am 4 days late on my period. I have taken a hpt and it was negative. My brother works at a lab and he had my blood drwn and that was negative too. I am not sure which type of blood test they did. I am an emotional wreck!! I have been off bc since nov. my last period was in jan. i never miss a period even before birth control! my mom says that i could.ve ovulated the weekend beofre my period which stooped my period. Has anyone heard of that happening??? i am hope i am pregnant. Can anyone help???


Marian - February 18

Hi KRISTIE, the blood test they would have done is called HCG. The body starts to produce this when you are pregnant and it is what makes the hpt come up pregnant as it attaches itself to the line making it come up pint or blue depending on the test you used. What type of hpt did you use as there have been recent reports of faulty hpts giving people the impression they are negative when infact they are positive. It requires a horizontal and a vertical line to make a plus sign, but is only giving in several cases two vertical lines - one in a round window and one in a square window. It is not giving a horizontal line (-) only vertical (I) or none at all. If the two lines are vertical it is infact a positive test as the test line is the (I) not the (-). Another reason is that it is too early to tell, especially if you ovulated late, your body might not necessarily have enough hcg to activate the test. A further explanation is the possibility that coming off the pill sometimes takes months for the body to regulate periods and for alot of women has thrown their periods considerably out, particularly with missed periods for several months. Stress also brings on late or missed periods along with cysts. So wait a few days and try the test again (maybe with a couple of different brands), if your period (AF = Aunt Flow) has not arrived in another 2 weeks go and see a doctor. On the other side of things thereare several of us out here who have not had periods for months despite being regular as clockwork who keep coming up with negative tests and just don't know what is happening with us! WITH MY STORY - When my AF was due I took a hpt and it came up positive, but weak. I was so excited a kept taking them so I could watch the line get darker. More than 12 + hpts later I went to get a blood test expecting it to confirm and it came back negative. To cut along story short all hpts started coming out negative along with 4 blood tests and an US, but on two occa__sions re-developed weak positives for 2 to 3 days at separate intervals. I have missed almost 3 AF's it is due again next week, and despite being regular as clockwork with a 26-28 day cycle I don't know if I am pregnant or not. You would think that all the negatives would say NOT, but once again that is not necessarily the case. Several of the girls on here tested negative for 2, 4, 6, 7 and even 9mths and were still pregnant. Several even had negative US (Ultrasounds). One girl just found out that she is 21 wks pregnant and she had 4 US. You would be amazed how many of us in limbo there are!! To make matters worse alot of the Drs' a__sume just because their urine, and blood tests come up negative that it is impossible for them to be pregnant, but too many of them are defying the odds for them to look into the grey areas. Alot of the girls have their whole journey and have made support groups on these forums. One apologised for being away for a period of time then added she had good reason and said that she was admitted to hospital with severe stomach pain and ended up having a baby girl despite the dr's telling her for months that she was experiencing a phantom pregnancy. Some of the girls did infact have phantom pregnancies, but alot also had babies, or other medical issues that came to light. I hope I haven't confused you too much, but I thought it best to fill you in on all of the possibilities. I hope you are pregnant, but as I said before, it is probably just too early to tell. Good luck Kristie and I hope we all get what we want. Incase you are pregnant just start behaving as if you are by taking folic acid tablets, and vitamins. A pregnancy vitamin is good. Folic acid reduces the risk of birth defects and is especially important in the first few weeks as well as leading up to conception. If you can stop drinking alcohol, don't smoke, and reduce your intake of caffeine. Best thing though is to try not to worry. Look at me I turned into a hpt addict and it cost me a fortune LOL (laugh out loud). You are lucky your brother does work in a lab. Next time have them run a quant_tive beta hcg test. Generally if it is above 2 then you have a good chance of being pregnant. Take care and know that there are lots of us out here to give you support. - Marian



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