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cassie - October 9

Well, i posted my pics of hpt's and had many people tell me i was preg because the pos line was there..well wednesday morn i got a pos and wed night i got another pos, thursday morn a slight faint pos, then friday morn and today were negatives, the only hope i have is that the tests weren't working right because i cut them in half so i could use the one test twice....the control line was really light and took a while for the control line to even show up...however, my urine this mornin was very yellow (Tmi, sorry) which means it is concentrated, so the line should be there unless the test is defected...i have an appt on tue, gonna see if i can get it to mon after my classes....what do you all think is going on? i don't have any bleeding, the last time i bled was sep 25th with one day of spotting before and after, i just hope that the bleeding then wasn't a miscarriage and the test is just picking up hcg levels from then, but i don't know how that would work because i tested on the 23rd and it was neg as well....i'm sorry to blab but i'm a little depressed...someone please tell me what you think is going on??? thanks


Laura - October 10

Hi Ca__sie - I had a simmilar experience. I took a HPT on friday night, got a positive, with first morning urine the next day I got a negitive, then two more faint positives and two more negitives. I went to the doctor and had my HcG level drawn. It came back at a 14 which would be at the marker that would tirgger tests sometimes and not others. However with me my levels rose slightly then stayed the same and I had a misscarriage. I would deffintly go to the doctor and get your levels drawn. I had the same concerns that I had a chemical pregnancy. In fact I had a positive pregnancy however it just wasn't viable, it couldn't get up the steam to stick. I don't want to scare you but I want you to be prepared as well. Another option is that you were carring twins, one didn't make it so your levels droped off as you were only carrying one, and your levels will continue to rise from now on with just the one. I have had that happen as well. Best of luck my dear and remember there is always hope, and there is always next time. If you want to email me with any questions or want support my email is [email protected] You will be in my prayers.



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