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jack - May 18

i toke the morning after pill 4 weeks ago but didnt come on this month did a test and it said i was pregnant but 3 days later i bleed for about 6 hours and had a blood clot so i did another test and it still said i was so now im confised


morning pill aka abortion pill - May 19

You just gave yourself an abortion! Your baby is dying!


COLLEEN - May 19

I promise you didn't cause an abortion! Mt doc wanted to give it to me and zI though I might be pregnant. She said if I was already pregnant then nothing would happen. It just prevents a fertilized egg from implanting inside the uterus, but if that has already happened as in your case then the morning after pill will do nothing. It's just hormones, nit drugs like the ones in the abortion pill. If the morning after pill caused abortions then people would use it for that reason, but it is free as an abortion is very much not free, even the abortion pill costs 3-400 dollars!!!! You may however be having a miscarriage and I suggest you go to the dr asap


LOL to colleen - May 19

Listen to what you are saying!!!!!!!!!!! ""It just prevents a fertilized egg from implanting inside the uterus,"" A fertilized egg is the beginning of new life! The morning after pill causes abortions!


colleen - May 19

no, not taking the morning after pill and getting pregnant and having an abortion caused abortions. The blasocyst isn't alive until it implants inside the uterus. Maybe you should do some homework and talk to your dr. I guess you'd say that birth control pills are abortions too because they stop you from getting pregnant. Without implantation you cannot get a positive pregnanct test which means no hcg is yet produced which means no life!!!!!!!! If this girl wanted to have an abortion she wouldn't be here. All she tried to do was prevent an unwanted pregnancy not end one.


jennifer - May 19

sorry colleen, but the minute that cell begins to divide, yes even when it is just a blastocyse, it is alive. How on earth can something not be alive yet be growing?? Maybe you need to do your research. And the way the birth control pill works, it actually makes you not ovulate, which makes the lining of your uterus not build up as much every month...and then when you are on the week of nonactive pills, this drop in hormones makes your body shed the lining, and have your period. So yes, it prevents pregnancy, but that is not abortion...condoms prevent pregnancy also, and they don't cause abortion. The only thing about the pill is if for some odd reason you do still ovulate one month, which isn't supposed to happen, then since the lining of the uterus hasn't built up very much, it sometimes can cause the egg to not be able to implant and it will result in a miscarriage, and this is the reason I went off the pill, because I feel that that is wrong. I'm sorry but if you don't want to take a chance on getting pregnant, and rely on or even just ONE TIME have to take the morning after pill, you should NOT be having s_x. S_x serves one purpose, to make babies, if you don't want a baby at ALL don't be having s_x unless you are taking the proper precautions and can accept the fact you still may get pregnant. Murder is not the answer.


jennifer - May 19

Jack--you are probably having a miscarraige, you need to go to the dr. and they can run a quant_tative blood test, which will tell you what your hcg level is, and they might want to retest you to see if it is declining, which would mean you are losing the baby. I'm sorry you had to go through all this, good luck with everything and I hope you are okay. And please don't take what I said before as a personal attack on you, just please learn from this experience.


colleen - May 19

all the morning after pill is a double dose of birth control pills. and no sh-t I know that you don't ovulate on the pill. i was just saying that both are the same hormone just in a different dose. the morning after pill is double the dose of progesterone and tricks your body the same as the pill. i guess my dr is full of sh-t too!


colleen - May 19

as amatter of fact here is the information on both the birth control pill and the morning after pill. the reason i have both is because i keep the morning after pill in the same drawer as my bc pill in case of an accident. that doesn't make me irresponsible if i miss a pill just human. the birth control pill nordette contains: .15mg of levonorgestrel and .03mg of ethinyl estradiol while the morning after pil contains .25mg of levonorgestrel and 0.05 mg of estsadiol. still feel the same way about it?


bryana - May 20

go collen



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